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  1. Adams-Onis Treaty
  2. region taken from spain
  3. Governer of NY and supported the building of the Erie Canal
  4. John Marshall discovered gold at what mill
  5. oregon trail
  1. a Spain cedes Florida to the US for 5 million
  2. b Florida
  3. c Settlers moved to Oregon which was jointly occupied by the US and Britain
  4. d Sutters Mill
  5. e Dewitt Clinton

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  1. Mills
  2. Moving from farms to the city
  3. pioneers
  4. annex
  5. turnpike

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  1. A person who invest money in buissnessesentrepreneur


  2. Countrys right to expand and settle the US from coast to coastManifest Destiny


  3. Monroe DoctorineMessage to Europe to stay out of the western hemisphere and no new colonies built there


  4. The AlamoThe battle that freed texas


  5. In what state did the gold rush occur inSutters Mill