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  1. Henry clay
  2. Women who worked in the lowell mills
  3. The first factories powered by water
  4. Countrys right to expand and settle the US from coast to coast
  5. Samuel Slater
  1. a person who gave Americal industrial secretas from Britain
  2. b this person supported high tariffs on imports, american system
  3. c Mills
  4. d Manifest Destiny
  5. e lowell girls

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  1. Gold drew a gold rush of people racing across the continent
  2. turnpike
  3. Florida
  4. place in which workers and machines are brought together
  5. loyalty in your region of the country

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  1. Erie CanalRoute from the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean


  2. urbaniztionMoving from farms to the city


  3. Governer of NY and supported the building of the Erie CanalDewitt Clinton


  4. James K. Polkpresident who supported the westward expansion


  5. oregon trailSettlers moved to Oregon which was jointly occupied by the US and Britain


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