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  1. Women who worked in the lowell mills
  2. Samuel Slater
  3. John Marshall discovered gold at what mill
  4. James K. Polk
  5. Countrys right to expand and settle the US from coast to coast
  1. a lowell girls
  2. b person who gave Americal industrial secretas from Britain
  3. c president who supported the westward expansion
  4. d Sutters Mill
  5. e Manifest Destiny

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  1. entrepreneur
  2. spinning jenny
  3. Dewitt Clinton
  4. Mills
  5. Message to Europe to stay out of the western hemisphere and no new colonies built there

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  1. oregon trailGold drew a gold rush of people racing across the continent


  2. sectionalismloyalty in your region of the country


  3. FactoriesPride or loyalty in your country


  4. National roadPride or loyalty in your country


  5. In what state did the gold rush occur inCalifornia