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3 Dimensional Art Terms


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Degree of connection or flow among compositional parts
The degree of difference between compositional parts or between one image and another
Actual or implied movement of an element within a design
Environmental Work
An artwork that must be entered physically, installations, (which are usually presented indoors) and earthworks (usually outdoors) are two major types of environmental works
an artwork that has been created through the transformation of a natural site into an aesthetic statement
1. the physical manifestation of an idea, as opposed to the content, which refers to the idea itself. 2. the organization or arrangement of visual elements to create a unified design 3. a three-dimensional composition or unit within a three-dimensional composition. For example, a sphere, cube and pyramid are all three-dimensional forms.
Freestanding Work
an artwork that is self-supporting and is designed to be viewed from all sides
Geometric Form
a three-dimensional from derived from or suggestive of geometry. ex: cubes, spheres tetrahedrons, etc.
Implied Lines
1. a line that is suggested by the positions of shapes or objects within a design. 2. a line that is suggested by movement or by a gesture rather than being physically drawn or constructed.
an artwork or a design that presents an ensemble of images and objects within a three-dimensional environment.
Kinetic Form
A form that actually moves
1. a point in motion, 2. a series of adjacent points, 3. a connection between points, 4. an implied connection between points. Line is one of the basic elements of design.
a solid three dimensional form
Negative Space
1. a clearly defined area around a positive shape or form 2. a shape created through the absence of an object rather than through the presence of an object.
Organic Form
a form that suggests nature or natural forces
a three dimensional form that has length and width but minimal thickness
Primary Contour
the defining edges of a physical object, such as the extremities of a carved sculpture
sculpture in which forms projects out from a flat surface. The degree of projection ranges from low to high relief
Secondary Contour
the inner edges of a physical object, such as the internal design and detailing of a carved sculpture
Sight Line
1. a viewing line that is established by the arrangement of objects within one's field of vision, 2. a straight line of unimpeded vision.
Site-specific artwork
an artwork that is specifically designed for and installed in a particular place
the area within or around an area of substance. The artist/designer defines and activates space when constructing a three dimensional object
the visual or tactile quality of a form. Texture can be created visually using multiple marks, physically, through surface variation, or through the inherent property of a specific material, such as sand as opposed to smooth porcelain.
Three quarter work
a physical object that is designed to be viewed from the front and sides only
1. an empty three-dimensional form. 2. in two-dimensional design, a three-dimensional form that has been represented using the illusion of space. 3. in time design, the loudness of a sound
Asymmetrical Balance
equilibrium among visual elements that do not mirror each other on either side of an axis
the equal distribution of weight or force among visual units
the combination of multiple parts into a unified or harmonious