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Plant Organ Systems - Grade 10 Biology

What is a System?
a group of tissues and organs that perform specific functions
What are the two plant systems? (Hint: They Rhyme)
The Root system and The Shoot system
What is the root system? (3 things)
Consists of all the roots below the surface, Responsible for taking in the soils water and minerals, constantly growing as the plant grows so it can meet demands for new materials.
What is the shoot system? (2 things)
Consists of everything above the surface (stems, leaves, flowers, etc.) and is responsible for supporting the plant, photosynthesis, and transporting water, nutrients, and sugars.
What happens if there is too little water for a plant?
The plant can't get the nutrients they need through the roots.
What happens if there is too much water for a plant?
There is not enough room between the molecules for oxygen (for cellular respiration)
What is a very important job that must be coordinated between the root and shoot systems?
Keeping water balanced and moving.
How does the water travel through the plant?
Root pressure pushed the water up and transpiration pulls the water up.
How does root pressure work to move water up the plant?
A high mineral concentration in the xylem brings water into the root to balance the concentrations. This creates root pressure which starts pushing the water up the xylem.
What do the root hairs on the epidermal cells do?
They provide a higher surface area for water to be absorbed through osmosis.
What is cohesion?
Water molecules cling together
What is adhesion?
Water molecules stick to the xylem walls
What is transpiration?
As water reaches the leaves it turns from a liquid into a vapour. Some of this vapour is used in photosynthesis but most will evaporate through the stomata. As a water molecule exits the leaf, it pulls up the molecules behind it to take its spot.
What does photosynthesis do?
It produces a sugar called glucose.
Why is glucose changed to sucrose?
So that it can dissolve in water to be distributed by the phloem throughout the plant
What happens to any extra sucrose?
It gets stored as starch in the roots.
How is sap formed?
In the spring new buds need energy. Lots of sucrose that was stored are taken to the buds. This large flow of sucrose is sap. We use this to make maple syrup.