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  1. What is the difference between overweight individuals and obese individuals?
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. What are 2 examples of nutrient dense foods?
  4. What are the five basic food groups? What are the 2 widest bands in My Pyramid?
  5. Calorie
  1. a starches and sugars found in foods
  2. b bread and tuna
  3. c overweight could mean alot of muscle/ obese is alot of stored fat
  4. d grains, vegetable, fruits, dairy, meats
    Grains and dairy are 2 widest
  5. e measurement on the energy your body uses

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  1. a tough complex carbohydrate
  2. Bosy Mass Index- average healthy weight
  3. a interactive guide for eating healthy
  4. elements found in food that is used by the body
  5. Food intolerance- artifical flavoring
    Food allergy- peanut butter

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  1. Food intolerancea negative reaction to foods


  2. Nutrient Densesubstances your bady need to grow and repair itself


  3. What is the difference between bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa?bulimia- purging and benging
    anorexia- losing an excessive amount of weight


  4. Nutritionsubstances your bady need to grow and repair itself


  5. what are 2 healthful ways to lose weight, and 2 healthful ways to gain weight?low calories/ most healthy