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  1. What is the difference between overweight individuals and obese individuals?
  2. Cholesterol
  3. what is a fad diet? list 2 types of fad diet and explain.
  4. Cross-Contamination
  5. Name 2 problems that good nutrition can help you avoid.
  1. a spreading of pathogens from one food to another
  2. b overweight could mean alot of muscle/ obese is alot of stored fat
  3. c waxy, fatlike substance
  4. d a healthy diet meeting your needs
    a light diet and a heavy diet
  5. e Diabetes and anorexia

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  1. sell by can meant when it tastes good by
    use by is when it is no good by the certain date
  2. cut down on fat foods, eat grains, and digest carbohydrates
  3. a interactive guide for eating healthy
  4. Food intolerance- artifical flavoring
    Food allergy- peanut butter
  5. reccomendation about eating smart

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  1. What is BMIa interactive guide for eating healthy


  2. How many calories equal a pound of fat3600


  3. Food Allergywhen immune system reacts to substances in some foods


  4. Nutrientsprocess by which your body takes in and uses food


  5. Osteoporosismeasurement on the energy your body uses