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  1. Fiber
  2. What are 2 examples of nutrient dense foods?
  3. What is the difference between overweight individuals and obese individuals?
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Cholesterol
  1. a a tough complex carbohydrate
  2. b waxy, fatlike substance
  3. c overweight could mean alot of muscle/ obese is alot of stored fat
  4. d bread and tuna
  5. e starches and sugars found in foods

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  1. when immune system reacts to substances in some foods
  2. measurement on the energy your body uses
  3. Food intolerance- artifical flavoring
    Food allergy- peanut butter
  4. working out, and losing 1 pound a week
  5. Hunger- eating whenever you can
    Appetite- when your body should eat

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  1. What are the five basic food groups? What are the 2 widest bands in My Pyramid?sell by can meant when it tastes good by
    use by is when it is no good by the certain date


  2. Vitaminscompounds that help regulate many body processes


  3. Food intolerancea negative reaction to foods


  4. Name 2 problems that good nutrition can help you avoid.bread and tuna


  5. What 3 nutrients have calories in them?protein, grains, vegetables