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  1. What is the difference between hinger and appetite?
  2. What is the difference between a sell by date and a use by date?
  3. What is the term that converts the food you eat into fuel?
  4. Name 2 problems that good nutrition can help you avoid.
  5. Carbohydrates
  1. a Carbohydrates
  2. b sell by can meant when it tastes good by
    use by is when it is no good by the certain date
  3. c Diabetes and anorexia
  4. d Hunger- eating whenever you can
    Appetite- when your body should eat
  5. e starches and sugars found in foods

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  1. Food intolerance- artifical flavoring
    Food allergy- peanut butter
  2. a interactive guide for eating healthy
  3. elements found in food that is used by the body
  4. substances added to foods to produce a desired affect
  5. a healthy diet meeting your needs
    a light diet and a heavy diet

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  1. What is BMIa tough complex carbohydrate


  2. What does the word light mean when used on a food label?Carbohydrates


  3. Caloriea tough complex carbohydrate


  4. Dietary Guidelines for Americansreccomendation about eating smart


  5. Nutrient Densesubstances your bady need to grow and repair itself