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to go without food. is an ancient religious practice that denies the wants of the body in order to strengthen the spirit

John the Baptist

a cousin of Jesus, older by six months. his baptizing and preaching in the wilderness prepared the way for Jesus

Lamb of God

a title given not only to the Passover sacrifice at the Exodus but also to Jesus Christ as the perfect sacrifice "who takes away the sins of the world"


someone who suffers from leprosy, a serious skin disease


businessmen who exchanged the ordinary Roman coins used in everyday business to the special Temple coinage used to pay the Temple tax. they notoriously took a certain percentage for themselves


someone who makes a journey for religious reasons. Jewish pilgrims from all over the world came to Jerusalem to worship at the Temple


to test, usually by offering something forbidden. The devil offered Jesus food, divine protection, and earthly glory at the price of worshiping Satan

Twelve, The

the Twelve Apostles whom Jesus chose to help him in his ministry. Twelve is also the number of tribes of Israel


Greek for the world of the dead. Similar to "Sheol" in Hebrew


an influential Pharisee who came by night to hear Jesus' teachings. he defended Jesus when the other Pharisees attacked him, and finally became an open disciple of Jesus after the Crucifixion

Our Father

the prayer Jesus taught his disciples; also called the Lord's Prayer


a story or example based on familiar experience that illustrates a principle. it uses familiar ideas to explain unfamiliar ideas


an apparent contradiction that is really true. Jesus used paradoxes like "the first shall be last" to show how different the Kingdom of Heaven ould be from the stat of things on Earth


one of Jesus' disciples, who became the leader of the Tweleve and of the Church. Named Simon, Jesus gave him the name Peter, which means Rock



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