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The primary difference between biological psychologists and neuroscientists is that biological psychologists place greater emphasis on studying _____


If a person believes that hormones released a different stages of the menstrual cycle affect a person's mood, then it would be considered a(n) _____ explanation


Explaining differences in running speed as a function of differences in muscle fiber types is an example of a(n) _____ explanation


A person who studies the influence of genetic predisposition of be aggressive in combination with early aggressive experiences is seeking for a(n) _____ explanation_____


Mapping out the relationship between shared bone structures across different species suggests there is a(n) _____ explanation


In a small population of sheep, the dominant male may produce many more offspring than the other males, spreading his genes. This is an example of _____

genetic drift

The notion that the mind and body are different in substance is called _____


Descartes suggested that the mind and brain interact in the _____

pineal gland

Monism is the belief that _____

mind and body are one and the same

Which of the following is NOT a form of monoism?


According to Chalmers, knowing why and how brain activity is associated with consciousness is the _____

hard problem

A researcher is interested in how the nervous system responds when the organism is in a certain emotional situation. This researcher might be identified as a(n) _____


Which of the following specialists would be MOST interested in changes in heart rate when students are taking an exam?


Units of heredity that maintain their structural identity from one generation to another are _____


A strand of DNA serves as a template (model) for the synthesis of _____


Biological catalysts that regulate chemical reactions in the body are called?


Recessive genes manifest their effects only when the individual is _____ for them


Suppose "A" is a dominant gene and "a" is a recessive gene. One parent has genes Aa and the other parent has genes aa. What genes will the children probably have?

Half will be Aa, half aa

A trait not expressed when combined with a dominant trait is called a(n) _____ trait


An autosomal gene is a gene _____

on any chromosome other than the X or Y chromosome

In humans, which chromosome(s) contain(s) few genes?

The Y chromosome contain few genes

Genes located on the sex chromosomes are called _____


What are the chances of having a child with at least one dominant gene if both parents are heterozygous?


The theory of evolution through the inheritance of acquired characteristics, is known as?

Lamarckian evolution

How do most biological psychologists feel regarding the use of animals in research?

They use animals only if the potential benefits to humans outweigh the costs to the animals

What are the two kinds of cells in the nervous system?

nerons & glia

What structure is composed of two layers of fat molecules that are free to flow around one another?

the membrane

The structure that contains the chromosomes is called the _____


Where do the metabolic activities occur that provide energy for all of the other activities of the cell?


The endoplasmic reticulum is a _____

network of then tubes that transport newly synthesized protiens

The branching fibers that form the information-receiving pole of the nerve cells are called _____


The tree-like branches of a neuron that receive information from other neurons are called _____


The insulating material which covers many vertebrate axons is called the _____

myelin sheath

Gaps in the insulating material that surrounds axons are known as _____

nodes of Ranvier

If all of a neuron's dendrites or axons were contained within the spinal cord, it would be considered a(n) _____ neuron


Which type of glia remove waste material in the nervous system?


_____ in the brain and spinal cord and _____ in the periphery are specialized types of glia that builds the myelin sheaths that surround neurons

oligodendrocytes; schwann cells

Glucose enters the brain via?

active transport

What are the two requirements for the brain to metabolize glucose?

thiamine and oxygen

What leads to Korsakoff's syndrome?

thiamine deficiency resulting from alcoholism

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