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Henry Ford

had a vision for automobiles for the average Americans. Created the Model A to compete with the Model T

Bruce Barton

The Man Nobody Knows. Compared Jesus Christ to the businessmen of the 1920's and portrayed him as the greatest salesman in history whose rivals (chief priests) tried to destroy him but in the end was trampled over

Margaret Sanger

Lost Generation. Leader of the birth control movement. Jailed for operating a birth control clinic in NYC. In 1920's she openly advocated smaller families through birth control.

H. L. Menken

Lost Generation. Part of the Scopes trial. Took great delight in mocking those who opposed the Darwin theory. Satirist for the Baltimore Sun. Called rural Americans hicks and attacked environmentalists.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lost Generation. Great Gatsby attacked America's obsession with wealth in the 1920's.

Langston Hughes

Lost Generation. Poet of Harlem Renaissance.

Ernest Hemingway

Wrote of the disillusionment of intellectuals with the rusult of WWI in his book Farewell to Arms.

John T. Scopes

Tried for violating the Butler Act in Tennessee

Warren G. Harding

Gambler and drunk. Passed the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921/ Teapot Dome Scandal.

John W. Davis

Democrat nominee for the election of 1914

Herbert Hoover

Republican nominee for the election of 1928. Prohibition and Protestant

Al Smith

Ran against Hoover in the election of 1928. Anti-Prohibition and Catholic.

Andrew Mellon

part of Coolidge's administration. Pro business politics. Secretary of state and proposed the "trickle down economics"

Clarence Darrow

most famous lawyer that defended Scopes.

William J. Bryan

helped the prosecution in the Scopes Trial

Albert Fall

Secretary of Interior who was convicted and sent to prison for his involvement in the Teapot Scandal

Robert LaFollette

Progressive nominee for the presidential election of 1924/ Senator from Wisconsin

John W. Davis

Republican Nominee for the presidential election of 1924 / corporate lawyer

Alice Paul

Leader of the National Women's Party

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