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(v) chấp nhận, thừa nhận
eg: Without hesitating, she _____ed the job of teller.


(n) số dư tài khoản; bản quyết toán thu chi; (v) quyết toán, cân đối tài khoản
eg: It took him over an hour to _____ his checkbook.


(v) vay, mượn
eg: The couple _____ed money from the bank to buy a home.


(adj) thận trọng
eg: The bank manager was _____ when giving out information to people she dit not know.


(v) lấy đi, trừ đi
eg: Before computing his taxes, Christophe remembered to _____ allowable home improvement expenses.


(n) tiền lãi cổ phần
eg: The _____ was calculated and distributed to the group.

down payment

(n) khoản tiền đặt cọc trả trước (trong 1 hợp đồng trả góp)
eg: Karl was disappointed when the real estate agent told him he needed a large _____ on the house.


(n) tài sản thế chấp, tiền thế chấp; (v) cầm cố, thế nợ
eg: Due to low interest rates, Sheila moved quickly to find a good deal on a _____.


(n) sự hạn chế. sự giới hạn
eg: There is a strict _____ on the number of free withdrawals a customer can make on his account each month.


(n) chữ ký
eg: The customers' _____ were kept on file for identification purposes.

take out

(v) thu hồi, rút lui
eg: My checking account allows me to _____ money at any bank branch without a fee.


(n) công việc kinh doanh, giao dịch
eg: Banking _____s will appear on your monthly statement.


(n) sự tính toán, công tác kế toán
eg: _____ for expenses is time-consuming.


(v) cộng dồn; tích luỹ lại
eg: The bills started to _____ after secretary quit.


(n) tài sản
eg: The company's _____ are worth millions of dollars.


(n) công việc kiểm toán, sự kiểm tra sổ sách; (v) kiểm toán
eg: No one looks forward to an _____ by government.


(n) ngân sách, ngân quỹ
eg: If the development group doesn't cut back expenses, they'll be over the _____.

build up

(v) làm tăng theo thời gian, tăng theo thời gian
eg: The firm has _____ a solid reputation for itself.


(n) khách hàng
eg: We must provide excellent services for our _____s, otherwise we will lose them to our competition.


(n) món nợ, khoản nợ
eg: The banks are worried about your incresing _____.


(adj) còn tồn tại, chưa giải quyết xong
eg: That client still has several _____ bills.


(adj) có lợi, sinh lãi
eg: Our accounting department has helped us to become more _____.


(v) làm thích hợp, làm phù hợp
eg: The client used his bank statements to _____ his accounts.


(n) sự luân chuyển vốn; số lượng công nhân thay thế (những người thôi việc trong một thời gian nhất định)
eg: We have to add another production shift to keep up with the high _____ rate.


(adj) quyết đoán; cạnh tranh
eg: Wall Street is a very _____ atmosphere where only the strong survive.


(n) thái độ
eg: Each investor should assess his or her own _____ toward investment.


(n) sự cam kết
eg: The president made a _____ to his employees that they would be given shares of stock if the company was successful.


(adj) dè dặt, thận trọng
eg: Generally, older people should be more _____ in their investing than younger people.


(n) quỹ; (v) cấp vốn, tài trợ
eg: The company will _____ the trip to the conference.


(v) đầu tư
eg: Don't _____ all of your time in just one project.


(adj) dài hạn, lâu dài
eg: The CEO's _____ goal was to increase the return on investment.


(n) danh mục đầu tư. danh mục vốn đầu tư
eg: Investors are advised to have diverse _____s.

pull out

(v) rút khỏi, rút lui; (n) sự rút khỏi
eg: The _____ of the bank has left the company without financing.


(v) tài sản, tài nguyên
eg: The company's most valuable _____ was its staff.


(n) tiền lời; doanh lợi, thu nhập
eg: Some investor are satisfied with a 15 percent _____, while others want to see a much larger_____.


(adj) thông thái, sáng suốt, có kinh nghiệm, hiểu biết nhiều
eg: Are you sure it was a _____ decision to pull out all of your investments.


(v) tính toán
eg: You should _____ how much the party will cost.


(n) hạn chót, hạn cuối cùng
eg: The _____ was to tight and they couldn't finish the project.


(n) hồ sơ, tài liệu; dãy người (xếp hàng)
eg: The police have a large _____ on the suspected thief.

fill out

(v) hoàn thành
eg: _____ the form and turn it in at the front desk.

give up

(v) từ bỏ
eg: I _____ smoking last year.


(adj) chung, chia sẻ, cùng
eg: We opened a _____ account five years ago.


(v) nợ, phải trả nợ
eg: I am sorry, I _____ you an explanation.


(n) hình phạt, khoản tiền phạt
eg: Anyone who pays less than they should in taxes will face a _____.


(v) chuẩn bị
eg: Are you _____ed for the challenges of this new job?


(n) tiền trả lại; (v) hoàn lại
eg: With the tax _____, we bought two plane tickets/


(n) chồng, vợ
eg: You may invite your _____ to the company party.


(v) kìm lại, giữ lại, giấu
eg: My employer _____s money from each paycheck to apply toward my income taxes.


(adj) muốn có
eg: The _____ outcome of a projected budget is increased control over the business.


(v) trình bày tỉ mỉ, chi tiết
eg: The office manager _____ed each step of inventory process at the staff meeting.


(v) dự đoán, dự báo; (n) sự dự đoán
eg: Analysts _____ a strong economic outlook.


(n) mức, cấp độ
eg: The meeting was only open to staff at the assistant director _____ or higher.


(adj) toàn bộ, toàn thể, nói chung, nhìn chung
eg: _____, our costs are running true to prediction.


(n) viễn cảnh, triển vọng
eg: The budget statement will give the manager some _____ on where the costs of running the business are to be found.


(adj) mang tính chất ước tính (dựa trên số liệu hiện có)
eg: The manager was distressed at the _____ number of staff hours to be paid on the next payroll cycle.


(adj) có óc thực tế
eg: _____ expectations are important when you review your financial statements.


(n) mục tiêu; (v) đặt mục tiêu
eg: Most managers _____ desired income as the primary criterion for success.


(n) sự chuyển, sự dịch, bản dịch
eg: The _____ of the statement from Japanese into English was very helpful.


(adj) tiêu biểu, đặc thù
eg: Part of a category summary is defining the expenses that are _____ to the business in question.


(n) sản lượng, lợi nhuận; (v) sinh lợi
eg: The company's investment _____ed high returns.

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