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Medici Family

-Powerful family that ruled Florence
-Used their money to support the arts
-made Florence into a cultural center that attracted artists

Baldassare Castiglione

-Wrote "The Book of Courtier"
-Gave characteristics of a noble Renaissance person-charm, wit, education, poetry, singing, dancing, fighting, etc.

William Shakespeare

-Wrote Romeo and Juliet, MacBeth, Hamlet, Midsummer Nights Dream
-Greastest playwright of all time
-Analyzed mankind
-Good used of English language

Geoffrey Chaucer

-wrote "Canterbury Tales"
-Wrote in vernacular, native language of the region
-his used of english that would the foundation for todays english language
-wrote about all levels of english society

niccolo machiavelli

-wrote "The Prince"
-Political guidebook on how to get and keep power
-Took emphasis off of morality and focused on reality

Girolamo Fracastoro

-famous for his germ theory
-soem diseases are spread by unseen particles by touch or through the air

andreas vesalius

-performed dissection of the human body
-disproved medieval theories that had been based on animal dissection

nicholas copernicus

-1st to publicly claim that the sun, not the Earth, is a the center of the universe
-pulished a book, but was afraid of getting into trouble with the church, she he said it was just a theory.

johannes gutenberg

-invented the printing press
-replaced hand-copying....the first book was the bible
-cheaper and quicker way of spreading information

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