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"Survival in Auschwitz" - by Primo Levi: Characters

Here's a list of some important characters in Primo Levi's "Survival in Auschwitz"
3-year old who was killed; daughter of Aldo Levi.
young 16 year old boy; ironsmith in the Lager; one of the first people that Levi meets
Primo's friend;believes that bathing is one of the rights left to the inmates of the Lager.
Primo's first bed-mate
Null Achtzehn
"Zero-Eighteen"; one of Levi's first work partners. Seems as if the Life is sucked out of him.
Another of Primo's bed companions; very religious Jew; very greatful for his wound which will admit him to Ka-Be
Walter Bonn
A Dutchman in Ka-Be, suffering from organic decay; LOANS Primo a spoon and knife
Wlater and Primo's neighbor in Ka-Be; is a smith in the Lager; Cross besides his name in the book. GIVES Primo a spoon and knife when he is off to die.
Pierro Sonnino
friend of Primo from Rome; has enteritis
Primo's best friend; strong and brave.
Engineer Kardos
Tends to the wounds of the people of the block in return for rations
Levi's red-haired bed mate.He was clean, does not snore, and was a great work partner.
(remember the story about the sleepers with the mud and the snow)
17-year old Austrian; speaks of his home in Vienna and remembers all the food.
The official organizer of the Kommando; brings Primo's hut extra rations of food.
An "experienced inmate" for 4 years. Sometimes steals brooms and/or wires.
Alfred L.
Once a huge factory owner; despte being worn away, still acts as the ideal prisoner: cleans himself, does not speak, and complies to the rule. Later apponted to examine all the new inmates. (Primo predicts he is still alive)
Elias Lindzin
An extremely muscular dwarf; suitable for life in teh Lager, in real society would be deemed as insane.
intelligent, shrewd: knows how to survive the Lager; believes there are 3 keys to survial in the Lager: organization, pity and theft. Has many connections with officials in the camp.
head of the Chemical Kommando
Iss Clausner
Goes through the Chemical Kommando with Primo
Rabbi; speaks 7 languages; stubborn, courageous and keen
Doctor Pannwitz
Tall, thin, and blonde; he is involved with the Chemical Kommando; no sense of humor
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Italian civilian worker who gives Levi extra food.
Hungarian who worked hard without question
suffering horribly from Scarlet fever; fell of his bunk and Charles had to help him.
Greek Doctor
Gave Levi a book and told him they would discuss it the next time they meet, even though Levi's death was practically inevitable (or at least it seemed). Levi hated him for it.
youngest Haftling of the Chemical Kommando; appointerd Pikolo; spoke French and German
Helps Levi get potatoes and supplies at the end to survive
He saves good sediment and soup even though he doesn't want to . Vey helpful near the end of the life in the camp