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Def. of Temperature

the measurment of core body heat

Routes to measure temperature (4)

oral, rectally, axillary, and tympanic

Types of Thermometers & Where you use them

digital electronic:oral,rectal,axillary
mercury or glass:oral,rectal,axillary

Norm Temp Range: Oral

97.6-99.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Norm Temp Range: Rectally

99.6-100.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Norm Temp Range: Tympanic

99.6-100.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Norm Temp Range: Axillary

96.6-98.6 degrees Fahrenheit

Temperature: Probes that are red in color are for

rectal temperatures

Temperature: Probes blue in color are for

oral and axillary

Duration for taking temperatures:Tympanic

as long as it takes to push a button

Duration for taking temperatures: Electronic

until the thermometer beeps

Duration for taking temperatures: Mercury Oral

Three Minutes

Duration for taking temperatures: Mercury Rectal

Three minutes

Duration for taking temperatures: Mercury Axillary

Ten minutes

What to remember about RECTAL and AXILLARY temps (3)

*always hold thermometer in place while measuring both temps
*always use lubricant for rectal temps
*always remove clothing around axilla

Definition of Pulse

the wave of blood created by the heart pumping, that travels along the arteries

Where do you find Pulses or Pulse Points

@ points where the artery is between fingertips and a bony area

Pulse Points and their Locations (8)

Temporal-temple; Carotid-neck; Apical-chest/heart; Brachial-inside upper arm; Radial-wrist; Femoral- inner thigh; Popliteal-behind your knee; Dorsal Pedalis- top of your foot

How Pulse is measured? (3)

*measured in beats per minute
*count waves for 60 seconds
*count waves for 30 sec and mult by 2

Norm Pulse Range

60-100 bpm

Pulse Norm- Gray Area-High Normal

90-100 bpm

Faster than 100 bpm (Pulse)


Slower than 60 bpm (pulse)


Quality of pulse (3)

*Rhythm- reg. or irreg.
*Rate- w/in norm limits
*Strength- strong, bounding, thready

What will affect Pulse Rate and Quality? (4)

Body Temp, Emotions, Activity Level, and Health of Heart

Definition of Respiration

the mechanical act of breathing in air (inspiration) and expelling air (expiration) from the body

Respiration is measured in..?

breaths per minute

Norm Range Respiration

12-24 breaths per minute

Greater than 24 breaths per minute?
Less than 12?


Things to watch for when measuring respiration? (4)

rate, depth, quality of breath, and difficulty in breathing

Method of measuring TPR (3)

*If using merc. therm., measure pulse and respiration while waiting on temp.
*If using another method of measuring the temperature, complete temp-then measure pulse and respiration
*keep your fingers on the pulse while measuring respiration

Things to remember: Charting (writing data) (4)

*Chart in order temp-puls-resp
*do not write T=, etc.
*write (Ax) after axillary temps
*write (R) after rectal temps


short of breath


temp-pulse-respiration w/in norm limits


by mouth


twice a day


three times a day


four times a day


every shift


every day


as needed

Ad Lib

at liberty


blood pressure


vital signs


norm breathing


sitting upright to breathe more easily


no breath


fast, deep breathing


fast, shallow breathing


slow breathing


painful or difficult breathing

thready pulse

pulse rate difficult ot palpate b/c the heart is not beating hard enough to produce a strong wave of blood. feels as though there is a piece of thread running under fingertips

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