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Manhattan project

A program to design, build and detonate a nuclear weapon


First city to be bombed by a nuclear weapon


Code name for day of Normandy, invasion


Second city in Japan to be bombed by a nuclear weapon


World war 2 begins


End of ww2

Enrico fermi

German refugee who first split the uranium atom under the university of Chicago

Hanford, W.A

Site of world's first nuclear detonation, home of "trinity" site

Chicago university

Site where the first nuclear chain reaction was sustained

Los Alamos

Location in New Mexico where the first atomic bomb was developed


Pilot of the Ebola gay

Enola gay

B-29 that dropped the worlds first nuclear weapon

Tinnian island

Island base where us launched the Enola gay

Hydrogen bomb

Mononuclear weapon 100 times more powerful than the atomic bomb

Trinity site

Place where the first atomic weapon was detonated

J. Robert Oppenheimer

The man in charge of the manhattan project

E. Teller

Father of the hydrogen bomb




The combining of atoms to produce an atomic reaction

White sands, N.M.

Rare element used in explosive devices, enriched in Hanford, WA

Leo sellard

Scientist who helped develop first nuclear weapon and a German refugee; assisted fermi and Einstein

Harry S Truman

President after FDR died

Fat man

Name of second atom bomb

Little boy

Name of first atomic bomb


Nuclear reaction splits nucleus of an atom into smaller parts

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