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Using an incompatible subject and verb

Tony's talent in chess and weight lifting prove his mental and prove strength

Shifting verb tenses

One Interstate 80, a trooper pulls me over and gave me a speeding ticket

Using an incorrect verb form

After dinner, katie cleared the table and blowed out the candles

Disregarding parellel structure

Many sports fans think that pro athletes are spoiled, selfish, and they earn too much money

Using the wrong word, a.k.a., faulty diction

The doctor first treated the passengers which were most severely injured in the crash

Using a mismatched pronoun and antecedent

Budget cuts are forcing the library to reduce their hours

Making ambiguous pronoun reference

The friendship between Joan and Jane fell apart apart after she went away to college

Making a faulty comparison

Rosie's score on the SAT was better than Charlie

Connecting sentences with commas

The concert on saturday night was terrific, we got home late

Using unrelated sentence parts

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, and who did so during the final years of the 18th century

Misusing semicolons and commas

Lucy wrote a children's story; which her little sister adored

Misplacing modifiers

The house stood on the corner which was painted red

Dangling participles, a.k.a., dangling modifiers

Running to biology class, the bell rang before jake arrived

writing an incomplete sentence

Sergeant York, a hero of WW1, and the subject of a popular movie that starred Gary Cooper

Running sentences together

Maria aspires to be a ballerina she practices dancing five hours a day

Shifting pronoun person

If you apply to the state university, I should hear from the admissions office within a month

Choosing the wrong pronoun

Between you and I, the food at the party was awful

Misusing coordinate and/or subordinate clauses

During rush hour a truck full of tomatoes turned over on the highway, and it caused a huge traffic jam

Using faulty idioms

Listening at the radio kept jimmy from falling asleep while driving

Misusing adjectives and adverbs

Her father spoke sharp to Terry when she arrived home two hours late

Mixed sentence construction

Lilah's ambition is to be a lawyer and intends to go to law school after college

Shifting noun and pronoun numbers

Reading to children every day encourages them to grow up as a literate, book-loving adult.

Using awkward language

Although its being informative, the film ignored the basic causes of alcohol abuse

Shifting from active to passive sentence construction

Cindy yearns to go to an out-of-state private college, but the tuition is unable to be afforded by her family

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