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The South and Slavery Controversy (Chapter 16 Vocab)

Key terms, people, and events from Chapter 16 of the 13th edition of the American Pageant.

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Government rule by a few people
William Lloyd Garrison
Staunch abolitionist, created The Liberator
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Abolitionist, wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, from Cincinnati
Frederick Douglass
Former slave, gained freedom at 21. Leading abolitionist, published The North Star.
Stono Rebellion
1739, South Carolina slaves fled to Florida, were unsuccessful
Gag Resolution
All anti-slavery appeals were forbidden to be discussed in Congress. Later repealed with help of John Quincy Adams
Denmarck Vesey
Planned the largest revolt, but was foiled. He and 30 others were hanged
Free Soilers
Those that opposed slavery in Western territories
Nat Turner
Led rebellion in which 60 Virginians were killed, mostly women and children. As a result, the South implemented harsher laws