12 terms

6th Grade Science: Oceans, Tides, Currents

what's the lowest part of a wave?
what's the highest part of a wave?
where do waves break (in what region)?
breaker zone
what 2 things increase water density?
increase in salinity and drop in temperature
what causes a greater tidal range, spring or neap, explain.
spring because it is pulling the water together, since the sun and moon are working together
what are the two tides called?
spring tide and neap tide
what is a spring tide look?
when the sun, moon, and earth are inline
what is a neap tide?
when the sun moon and earth create a right angle
what are 2 ways to measure the wavelength horizontally?
trough to trough and crest to crest
what is 1 way to measure the wave height vertically?
crest to trough
what 4 thing cause waves (star which one is more important)?
**wind, underwater earthquakes, landslides, impact by cosmic bodies
what 3 forces drive surface currents in motion? (star which one is more important)?
***wind, continental deflection, Coriolis effect