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  1. nodes of Ranvier
  2. ascending tract
  3. action potential
  4. ventral root
  5. dendrite
  1. a gaps in myelin sheath that assist in conduction of action potential
  2. b quick electrical charge that travels "down" an axon towards synapse; Na+, K+, and Ca++ ions vital to this function; causes neurotransmitter release at synapse;
    aka neural impulse or "electrical signal"
  3. c bundles of axons sending sensory information "up" to CNS;
  4. d motor (efferent) branch of each spinal nerve;
    exits spinal cord on ventral side
  5. e branch-like extension of neuron that conducts electical information toward neuron cell body; often many dendrites

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  1. 12 pairs of nerves arising from the brain;
    most are mixed nerves
  2. large bundle of axons connecting neurons in both cerebral hemispheres
  3. part of cell that performs basic cellular functions; in neurons, also summates inputs received from dendrites
  4. space between presynaptic neuron's axon and postysnaptic cell (usually a dendrite or muscle cell)
  5. "rest-and-digest" division of ANS;
    conserves energy; increases digestion and absorption and relaxtion (ie, heart rate slows, glucose is stored, etc)

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  1. nervejunction between axon and another cell (eg, neuron or muscle cell) where electrochemical communication occurs


  2. sensory nerveaka efferent nerve;
    carries motor commands (APs) from CNS to muscles


  3. dura materhard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"


  4. hypothalamusbrain's "sensory switchboard" in diencephalon (above brainstem);
    almost all sensory information goes through thalamus and directed to specific cortex regions; cortex also sends replies and motor commands to the cerebellum and medulla through thalamus;
    involved in consciousness and wakefulness (damage can cause coma)


  5. cerebellum"little brain" in the inferior posterior portion of brain; controls and coordinates body movement (and all that goes along with it)