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  1. midbrain
  2. cranial nerves
  3. ganglia
  4. reflex
  5. nodes of Ranvier
  1. a 12 pairs of nerves arising from the brain;
    most are mixed nerves
  2. b gaps in myelin sheath that assist in conduction of action potential
  3. c most superior portion of brainstem;
    contains auditory and visual reflex centers
  4. d group of neurons in the PNS
  5. e involuntary response to a stimulus, such as knee-jerk response

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  1. motor (efferent) branch of each spinal nerve;
    exits spinal cord on ventral side
  2. "emotional brain"; system of functionally related neural structures in brain that regulate and produce emotional behavior; hypothalamus is a key component
  3. carry movement commands (as action potentials) from CNS to muscle cells via descending tracts;
    aka Efferent neuron ("Efferent Exits" brain)
  4. shallow groove between gyri;
    plural sulci
  5. deep groove running from approximately ear-to-ear dividing cerebrum into anterior and posterior portions

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  1. central nervous systempart of nervous system outside brain and spinal cord; includes all nerves and ganglia; connects CNS with body; aka PNS


  2. thalamusbrain's "sensory switchboard" in diencephalon (above brainstem);
    almost all sensory information goes through thalamus and directed to specific cortex regions; cortex also sends replies and motor commands to the cerebellum and medulla through thalamus;
    involved in consciousness and wakefulness (damage can cause coma)


  3. sensory neuronaka affarent nerve;
    carries sensory information (APs) to CNS


  4. descending tractsensory info (as action potentials) sent up spinal cord in white matter (axons)


  5. descending tractbundles of axons sending motor commands "down" to muscles


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