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Natural Laws

laws that govern human nature

Social Contract

an agreement by which they gave up the state of nature for an organized society

Natural Rights

right that belonged to all humans at birth. Right to life, liberty, and property


other thinkers that focused on comic reforms

Laissez Faire

allowing business to operate with little or no government interference


restricting access to ideas and information


informal social gatherings at which writers, artists, philosophes, and others exchanged ideas

Enlightened Despots

absolute rulers who used their power to bring about political and social change


painting style which was huge, colorful, and full of excitement. Glorified historical battles or the lives of saints


style which was prsonal, elegant, and charming. Shows reality

Constitutional Government

a government whose power is defined and limited by law


group of leaders of the majority party in the House of Commons (also called Parliamentary system)

Prime Minister

head of the cabinet, leader of the majority party in Parliament, and in time the cheif official of the British government


a government in which the ruling power belongs to a few people

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