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Astronomy 16 The Sun

Electromagnetic repulsion
What natural barrier tries to prevent two protons from combining?
Not associated with the active Sun
radiative zone, convective Zone, chromosphere
From inside out, correct order for the structure of the sun
A loop of gas following the magnetic field lines between sunspots poles
converted to energy
In the proton-proton cycle, the helium atom and neutrino have less mass than the original hydrogen. What happens to the "lost" mass?
The light we see from the Sun come from which layer?
bright orange, like Arcturus
How would sunspots appear if you could magically remove them from the Sun?
radiative diffusion, convection
What two energy transport mechanisms, in order from outside the core to the surface, is found in the Sun?
The density of the Sun is most similar to which object?
the total energy emitted by the Sun in all directions
The luminosity of the Sun is a measure of?
10 million K
The critical temperature the core must reach for a star to shine by fusion
the corona is much hotter than layers of the Sun that are closer to the solar interior
What is it about the Sun's corona that astronomers don't understand?
The percentage (by mass) of the Sun that is Hydrogen is about
is balanced by the inward gravitational pressure
The outward pressure of hot gas in the Sun
They are extremely hot, but cooler than the surrounding areas of the Sun
Sunspots are dark splotches on the Sun. Which statement is true
27 percent
The percentage (by mass) of the Sun that is Helium
eleven years
the numbers of sunspots and their activity peak about every
gravitational collapse of the helium coreward
The primary source of the Sun's energy is