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Approximately how many kcalories from ethanol are contained in one standard drink of vodka or rum?


Approximately what percentage of alcohol in the body is eliminated via the urine and breath?


Approximately what percentage of all traffic fatalities involves alcohol?


Chronic excess alcohol intake leads to all of the following effects on folate except

the small intestine recycles more folate.

Excess alcohol intake leads to a reduction in the synthesis rate of

liver glucose.

In the average healthy person, about how much time is required by the liver to process the alcohol in a typical drink?

1 hour

The metabolism of alcohol begins in the


The Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome in people with chronic alcohol abuse stems primarily from a deficiency of


What fraction of all domestic violence incidents involve alcohol use?


What is acetaldehyde?

An intermediate in alcohol metabolism

What is MEOS?

A system of enzymes that oxidizes alcohol and drugs

What is the median weekly number of alcoholic drinks consumed by college students?

What is the minimum blood alcohol percentage that defines legal drunkenness in most states?


What is the primary organ that oxidizes alcohol?


What is the sequence of stages that brings about advanced liver disease caused by chronic alcohol toxicity?

Fat accumulation, fibrosis, cirrhosis

What minimum concentration of alcohol in the blood is usually fatal?


What minimum concentration of blood alcohol leads to impaired judgment and increased heart rate?


What organ is first to absorb alcohol after a person takes a drink?


Which of the following functions is(are) first to be affected when a person begins to drink alcohol?

Judgment and reasoning

Which of the following is a characteristic of alcohol use?

Ingestion of alcohol cools the body

Which of the following is a consequence of alcohol intake?

Antidiuretic hormone production is suppressed

Which of the following is a feature of ethanol metabolism?

It increases gastric acid output

Which of the following is(are) best suited for slowing alcohol absorption?

Carbohydrate snacks

Which of the following is characteristic of alcohol absorption?

It is slowed when the stomach is full of food

Which of the following is one explanation for the generally lower tolerance for alcohol in women in comparison to men?

Women have lower amounts of stomach alcohol dehydrogenase

Which of the following plays a major role in regulating the elimination of alcohol from the body?

Liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Which of the following statements is not characteristic of alcohol metabolism?

Alcohol is metabolized by muscle and brain cells as well as by the liver

Your middle-aged aunt says that she always feels more "tipsy" than her same-size husband, even though their alcohol intake is the same. You respond by saying to your aunt:

"Women have less stomach alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme and consequently absorb more of the alcohol into the bloodstream."

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