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material that deals with real people events and ideas


a story of a person's life written by someone else


the person who tells the story

narrative essay

a true essay that tells a story

point of view

the author's perspective on a subject


a writer's account of his or hers own life

expository essay

gives info about a subject

persuasive essay

the the author tries to convince the reader to believe something


something can be proven to be true


a person's personal idea


favoring one side of an argument

cause and effect

one event, the cause, brings the second event, the effect


how things are the same


how things are different

descriptive essay

writing that uses images that apply to the senses.


a short, entertaining story


a writer's message or lesson

thesis statement

a sentence or group of sentences that expresses the main idea of in a nonfiction book


sequence of events in a piece of writing


a kind of character who has only a few personality traits


the difference between the way things seem to be and the way they actually are

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