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  1. traumatic brain injury
  2. thresholds
  3. left side of brain
  4. occipital lobe
  5. dentrites
  1. a major blow to the head, mild impairment-death, changes mood and personality
  2. b dividing points between energy levels of stimulus that do not have a detectable effect
  3. c receives messages
  4. d logic, math, language, right side of body/visual field
  5. e visual center of the body, has visual cortex

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  1. fear and aggression, strong emotions
  2. damage to haircells from over exposure, hereditary response to old age
  3. linear monocular cues make the top bar appear longer
  4. autonomic and somatic
  5. occurs because we rely on size cues from previous experience with corners and rooms

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  1. botulismtargets the lungs, comes from poor packaging, blocks action of acetylcholine


  2. cochlealoudness, measured in amplitude of waves


  3. semicircular canalsattention, arousal, filtering oncoming stimuli during both consciousness and unconsciousness


  4. Cerebral Cortex (cerebum)split brain surgery


  5. feature analysisstart with components of form-lines, edges, corners and build them into perceptions