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  1. one O2 molcule
  2. 4 O2 molecules
  3. uncoupling of circulatory & respiratory systems

    decrease in water loss (in open circulatory system)
  4. tiny open ended channels
  5. spiracles, trachae, tracheoles, cell membranes

    no wet membranes therefore water loss is minimized
  1. a each heme can bind to what
  2. b what are alveoli
  3. c other features of arthropod tracheal systems
  4. d how many molecules of O2 can bind to one hemoglon
  5. e evolutionary strategy of tracheal systems

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  1. what kind of tissues are the bronchioles made of
  2. at what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin not bind properly
  3. what is the Bohr shift
  4. what does the medulla oblongata do
  5. have large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates

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  1. thin membranes (resp epithelia)

    large surface area

    wet membranes
    essential requirements of respiratory systems


  2. opposite directionmovement of respiration media across the gills w/out any extra energy investment


  3. moderates and smooths the basic rhythmwhat does the pons do


  4. 100%how many alveoli are there per lung


  5. viscosity of waterinertia dictates that tidal flow is impossible

    limited to 1 way flow system

    what do these describe?


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