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  1. respiratory epithelia

    thin monolayer of cells

    highly vascularized

    lungs, gills, integuements
  2. opposite direction
  3. medulla oblongata & pons
  4. ram ventilation
  5. hemoglobin
  1. a large protein w/ 4 polypeptide subunits called globins
  2. b large organisms tend to employ
  3. c movement of respiration media across the gills w/out any extra energy investment
  4. d what are the 2 regions of the brainstem
  5. e water & blood flow in what direction in gas exchange

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  1. each heme can bind to what
  2. each subunit has what
  3. what is the Bohr shift
  4. what does the pons do
  5. what does the medulla oblongata do

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  1. tiny open ended channelswhat are alveoli


  2. simple squamous (moist & thin)what kind of tissues are the bronchioles made of


  3. arthropodshave large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates


  4. concentration of waterinertia dictates that tidal flow is impossible

    limited to 1 way flow system

    what do these describe?


  5. 4 O2 moleculeshow many molecules of O2 can bind to one hemoglon