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  1. 4 O2 molecules
  2. 0%
  3. 300
  4. a heme molecule
  5. circulatory system

    diffusion of gases down concentration gradients

    metabolic consumption
  1. a at what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin not bind properly
  2. b diffusion gradients (oxygen & carbon dioxide) are maintained by
  3. c how many molecules of O2 can bind to one hemoglon
  4. d how many alveoli are there per lung
  5. e each subunit has what

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  1. tracheal systems facts
  2. what are gills
  3. movement of respiration media across the gills w/out any extra energy investment
  4. what do the 8-9 air sacs in birds that penetrate the abdomen, neck & wings do
  5. what is cooperativity

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  1. parabronchial lungswhat animal has this:

    cutanous respiration & or gills or simple lungs


  2. via passive transporthow does O2 & CO2 move down their concentration gradients


  3. its viscosity is greater than air's viscosity (~50 x)

    concentration of air is greater than the concentration of water (~30 x)

    ram ventilation

    ventiliation of gills and ram ventilation
    what are the limitations of water


  4. uncoupling of circulatory & respiratory systems

    decrease in water loss (in open circulatory system)
    evolutionary strategy of tracheal systems


  5. simple squamous (moist & thin)what kind of tissues are the alveoili made of


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