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  1. 300
  2. arthropod trachael system
  3. hemoglobin
  4. 100%
  5. invaginations of the body surface

    intimately associated with the circulatory system

    have a dense network of capillaries under a epithelium
  1. a at what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin bind to molecules
  2. b lungs
  3. c large protein w/ 4 polypeptide subunits called globins
  4. d how many alveoli are there per lung
  5. e a system of tubes communicating directly w/ cells

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  1. which animals rely on lungs exclusively
  2. animals w/out discrete respiratory systems
  3. large organisms tend to employ
  4. what animal has this:

    cutanous respiration & or gills or simple lungs
  5. common features of animals w/out discrete respiratory systems

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  1. via passive transporthow does O2 & CO2 move down their concentration gradients


  2. alveoliat what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin not bind properly


  3. oxygen for oxidative phosorylation, CO2 removal, coupling to other systems (circulatory excretory)functions of respiratory system


  4. viscosity of waterrelatively low metabolic rates (aquatics have this)

    low adaptations to maximize exchange


  5. primarily diffusion

    lined with exoskeleton & shed via molting
    what does the parabronchial lungs require