26 terms

TMA Administrative Scheduling

Transferring or carrying from a book of original entry to a ledger; entering figures in an accounting system.
Pegboard system
Also called the write it once system; a method of tracking patient accounts that allows figures to proved accurate through mathematic formulas.
A statement of transactions during a fiscal period and the resulting balance.
Emergency calls
At what telephone number can you be reached? Where are you located? What are the chief symptoms? When did they start? Has this happened before? Are you alone? Do you have transportation?
A superiority or excess in number or quantity; a majority
No show
Patient who does not arrive for a scheduled appointment or reschedule.
Fiscal agent
An organization under contract to the government as well as some private plans to act as financial representatives in handling insurance claims from providers of health care.
Third party payor
Someone other than the patient, spouse, or parent who is responsible for paying all or part of the patients medical cost.
Amounts paid on patient accounts.
Balances due to a creditor on an account.
An entry on an account constituting an addition to a revenue, net worthy, or liability account; the balance in a persons favor in an account.
Account balance
The amount owed on an account.
Complete phone message
whom the call is directed, name of person calling, daytime or evening, phone number, reason for call, action to be taken, date and time of call, initials person taking the call.
Accounts receivable ledger
a record of the charges and payments posted on an account.
Professional discount
the provision of medical care to physician colleagues or their families and staff free of share or at a reduced fee.
An entry on an account constituting an addition to an expense or asset account or a deduction from a revenue, a net worth, or a liability account.
Block off time slots when the physician is routinely not available to see patients.
Bookkeeping rule
old balance, plus charges, minus payments, minus adjustments equals new balance.
A person who makes or gives a guarantee of payment for a bill.
Total monies received on accounts.
Phone greeting
Doctors name, your name and ask if you can help them. Smile because patients can hear it.
First appointment information
Patients full name, birthdate, address, telephone number and chief complaint.
Fee profile
A compilation or average of physician fees over a given period of time.
an exchange or transfer of goods, services, or funds.
Funds paid out.
Handling angry callers
Say that the matter will be discussed with the physician as soon as possible and the patient will be called later if answers are not readily available, a friendly assurance that the situation is important and that every attempt will be made to find the answer quickly will usually calm angry feelings. Always avoid getting angry and try speaking in a calm voice.