Test your Energy quotient!!
Energy is the capacity to do work
What is energy?
the energy in stored object
Potential energy is..
a moving car
An example of kinetic energy is...
non - renewable energy
The form of energy that being used faster than it is being produced is..
Solar energy is ______ type of energy.
nuclear energy
The energy that comes form atoms is...
coal oil and natural gas
Three fossil fuels are..
____ is the fossil fuel in a liquid form.
Electricity is produced when a ___ rotates.
Which of these travels in straight lines: Light or sound?
When lime juice reacts with baking soda ___ energy is produced.
electrical to heat energy
What is basic energy transformation/conversion in a refrigerator?
human body/muscles
Muscular energy is stored in the ____.
cables and transformers
Electricity is distributed using ____.
geo - thermal energy
The renewable energy that comes from the heat inside the Earth is _____ energy.
Tidal energy
The energy from the waves in the ocean is called..
Mechanical energy
In a washing machine, electrical energy is converted to ...
False (Example: Speakers)
Electrical can not be converted to sound energy. True or false?
Solar elergy
Which is a better way to generate electricity: Using solar energy or Diesel?
Hydro energy or water
The best way to generate electricity in a country with many rivers is..