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  1. Scientist who studies ecology
  2. study of living organisms and how they interact with their enviroment
  3. what is the biggest reason animals depend on other animals?
  4. geographic area with similar climates and ecosystems
  5. What is exponential growth?
  1. a food
  2. b ecology
  3. c biome
  4. d When an animal grows extremely fast
  5. e Ecologists

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  1. habitat
  2. population
  3. mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism
  4. Food, vegetation, animals
  5. The moving place to place of animals

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  1. What is the prey?The one who seeks the prey


  2. a species is introduced to an area and thrives and reproduces quickly then limiting factors occur and the population becomes competitivecarrying capacity


  3. What is trap mark release?The organism being hunted


  4. living or once living organisms in an ecosystembiotic


  5. How are organisms, populations, community, and ecosystemS related?community