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  1. What is trap mark release?
  2. What makes up a habitat?
  3. a relationship in which both species benefit are called..
  4. What is the predator?
  5. living or once living organisms in an ecosystem
  1. a biotic
  2. b The one who seeks the prey
  3. c A system used by ecologists to measure population
  4. d mutualism
  5. e Food, vegetation, animals

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  1. Were exactly correct situated from the sun
  2. The moving place to place of animals
  3. When an animal grows extremely fast
  4. commensalism
  5. Ecologists

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  1. a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is harmed is called,,commensalism


  2. what is the biggest reason animals depend on other animals?A system used by ecologists to measure population


  3. group of organisms that are the same kind and interact with the same areapopulation


  4. all living and non-living things in an areabiotic


  5. non-livingabiotic