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  1. Why does earth have life and other planets do not?
  2. a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is harmed is called,,
  3. anything that restricts the number of organisms in a particular area
  4. What is migration?
  5. a species is introduced to an area and thrives and reproduces quickly then limiting factors occur and the population becomes competitive
  1. a limiting factor
  2. b exponential growth
  3. c The moving place to place of animals
  4. d parasitism
  5. e Were exactly correct situated from the sun

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  1. A system used by ecologists to measure population
  2. mutualism
  3. They make up one another
  4. carrying capacity
  5. ecosystem

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  1. What is the prey?The organism being hunted


  2. What is exponential growth?The organism being hunted


  3. non-livingThe moving place to place of animals


  4. 2 or more different populations in the same areaecosystem


  5. Scientist who studies ecologyThe one who seeks the prey