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Words and sentences with not relationship between themselves. They were used in my first diary in Chinese characters.

(沙发客) shāfā kè

(sofa visitor = www.)

(聚会) jùhuì

meeting, party

(参加) cānjiā


(庆) qìng


(请) qǐng

please, to ask, to invite

(春天) chūn tiān

Spring (season)

(跳莎莎舞) tiào shāshā wǔ

dance salsa (= "jump salsa dance")

(为期) wéi qī

duration_was..., last...

(课程) kè chéng

course, class

(中餐) zhōngcān

chinese food

(踢足球) tī zúqiú

play football

(昨天) zóutiān


(旅游) lǚyóu

travel, tourism

(呆着) dāizhe


(第九篇中文日记) dì jiǔ piān rìjì

ninth chapter of the diary

(我已经九天没踢足球了) wǒ yǐjīng jiǔ tiān méi tī(zúqiú) le

I already nine days didn't play (football)

(假期) jiàqī


(因为) yīnwèi


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