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فَعَلَ, يَفْعَلُ
to do
فَتَحَ, يَفْتَحُ
to open; to give victory
بَعَثَ, يَبْعَثُ
to raise; to resurrect
جَعَلَ, يَجْعَلُ
to make; to place; to set up
جَمَعَ, يَجْمَعُ
to gather; to collect
ذَهَبَ, يَذْهَبُ
to go
رَفَعَ, يَرْفَعُ
to raise
سَحَرَ, يَسْحَرُ
to enchant; to bewitch
صَلَحَ, يَصْلَحُ
to act righteously
لَعَنَ, يَلْعَنُ
to curse
نَفَعَ, يَنْفَعُ
to profit
نَصَرَ, يَنْصُرُ
to help; to deliver
بلَغَ, يَبْلُغُ
to reach
تَرَكَ, يَتْرُكُ
to leave
حَشَرَ, يَحْشُرُ
to gather; to bring together
حَكَمَ, يَحْكُمُ
to judge; to rule
خَرَجَ, يَخْرُجُ
to come out
خَلَدَ, يَخْلُدُ
to live forever
خَلَقَ, يَخْلُقُ
to create out of nothing
دَخَلَ, يَدْخُلُ
to enter
ذَكَرَ, يَذْكُرُ
to remember
رَزَقَ, يَرْزُقُ
to provide
سَجَدَ, يَسْجُدُ
to prostrate
شَعَرَ, يَشْعُرُ
to perceive
شَكَرَ, يَشْكُرُ
to be grateful
صَدَقَ, يَصْدُقُ
to be true; to say the truth
عَبَدَ, يَعْبُدُ
to worship; to serve
فَسَقَ, يَفْسُقُ
to transgress
قَتَلَ, يَقْتُلُ
to kill; to slay
قَعَدَ, يَقْعُدُ
to sit; to remain behind
كَتَبَ, يَكْتُبُ
to prescribe; to write
كَفَرَ, يَكْفُرُ
to disbelieve; to be ungrateful
مَكَرَ, يَمْكُرُ
to plot
نَظَرَ, يَنْظُرُ
to look; to wait
ضَرَبَ, يَضْرِبُ
to strike
حَمَلَ, يَحْمِلُ
to carry; to bear
صَبَرَ, يَصْبِرُ
to bear with patience
ظَلَمَ, يَظْلِمُ
to wrong
عَرَفَ, يَعْرِفُ
to recognize
عَقَلَ, يَعْقِلُ
to understand; to comprehend
غَفَرَ, يَغْفِرُ
to forgive; to cover
قَدَرَ, يَقْدِرُ
to decree; to have power
كَذَبَ, يَكْذِبُ
to lie
كَسَبَ, يَكْسِبُ
to earn
مَلَكَ, يَمْلِكُ
to possess
سَمِعَ, يَسْمَعُ
to hear
حَزِنَ, يَحْزَنُ
to be grieved
حَسِبَ, يَحْسَبُ
to think; to consider
حَفِظَ, يَحْفَظُ
to guard; to protect
خَسِرَ, يَخْسَرُ
to lose
رَحِمَ, يَرْحَمُ
to have mercy on someone
شَهِدَ, يَشْهَدُ
to bear witness; to be present
عَلِمَ, يَعْلَمُ
to know
عَمِلَ, يَعْمَلُ
to work; to do
كَرِهَ, يَكْرَهُ
to dislike; to detest
حَيَّ, يَحْيَا
to live; to greet
رَدَّ, يَرُدُّ
to give back; to return
صَدَّ, يَصُدُّ
to turn away; to hinder
ضَرَّ, يَضُرُّ
to hurt; to harm
ضَلَّ, يَضِلُّ
to go astray; to err; to waste
ظَنَّ, يَظُنُّ
to think; to believe
عَدَّ, يَعُدُّ
to count
غَرَّ, يَغِرُّ
to beguile
مَدَّ, يَمُدُّ
to spread out; to stretch
مَسَّ, يَمَسُّ
to touch
وَدَّ, يَوَدُّ
to love; to wish
وَذَرَ, يَذَرُ
to leave behind
وَضَعَ, يَضَعُ
to put; to set
وَقَعَ, يَقَعُ
to befall
وَهَبَ, يَهَبُ
to grant
وَجَدَ, يَجِدُ
to find
وَرِثَ, يَرِثُ
to inherit
وَزَرَ, يَزِرُ
to bear a load
وَصَفَ, يَصِفُ
to describe; to ascribe
وَعَدَ, يَعِدُ
to promise
وَقَى, يَقِي
to protect; to save
وَسِعَ, يَوْسَعُ
to embrace; to comprehend
تَابَ, يَتُوبُ
to repent
ذَاقَ, يَذُوقُ
to taste
فَازَ, يَفُوزُ
to succeed; to gain victory
قَالَ, يَقُولُ
to say
قَامَ, يَقُومُ
to stand up; to raise
كَانَ, يَكُونُ
to be
مَاتَ, يَمُوتُ
to die
خَافَ, يَخَافُ
to be afraid
كَادَ, يَكَادُ
to become nigh; to be close to
كَادَ, يَكِيدُ
to plot against
زَادَ, يَزِيدُ
to increase
تَلَا, يَتْلُو
to recite
دَعَا, يَدْعُو
to call; to pray
عَفَا, يَعْفُو
to forgo
بَغَى, يَبْغِي
to want; to seek
جَرَى, يَجْرِي
to flow
جَزَى, يَجْزِي
to reward
قَضَى, يَقْضِي
to decree; to fulfill
كَفَى, يَكْفِي
to suffice
هَدَى, يَهْدِي
to guide; to direct
خَشِيَ, يَخْشَى
to fear
رَضِيَ, يَرْضَى
to be satisfied; to be content
نَسِيَ, يَنْسَى
to forget
سَأَلَ, يَسْأَلُ
to ask
قَرَأَ, يَقْرَأُ
to read; to recite
أَخَذَ, يَأْخُذُ
to take; to catch
أَكَلَ, يَأْكُلُ
to eat
أَمَرَ, يَأْمُرُ
to command
أَمِنَ, يَأَمَنُ
to be safe; to feel safe; to trust
أَبَى, يَأْبَى
to refuse
رَأَى, يَرَى
to see
أَتَى, يَأْتِي
to come
شَاءَ, يَشَاءُ
to will; to wish
سَاءَ, يَسُوءُ
to be evil
جَاءَ, يَجِيءُ
to come
بَدَّلَ, يُبَدِّلُ
to change
بَشَّرَ, يُبَشِّرُ
to give good news
بَيَّنَ, يُبَيِّنُ
to make clear
زَيَّنَ, يُزَيِّنُ
to adorn, make something to seem fair
سَبَّحَ, يُسَبِّحُ
"to glorify; to praise"
سَخَّرَ, يُسَخِّرُ
to bring under control
صَدَّقَ, يُصَدِّقُ
to pronounce something to be true
عَذَّبَ, يُعَذِّبُ
to punish; to torment
عَلَّمَ, يُعَلِّمُ
to teach
قَدَّمَ, يُقَدِّمُ
to send forward
كَذَّبَ, يُكَذِّبُ
to accuse something of falsehood
نَبَّأَ, يُنَبِّئُ
to declare; to apprise
نَزَّلَ, يُنَزِّلُ
to send down
نَجَّى, يُنَجِّي
to deliver; to rescue
وَلَّى, يُوَلِّي
to turn
جَاهَدَ, يُجَاهِدُ
to struggle; to strive
قَاتَلَ, يُقَاتِلُ
to fight
نَادَى, يُنَادِي
to call out; to cry unto
نَافَقَ, يُنَافِقُ
to play hypocrisy
هَاجَرَ, يُهَاجِرُ
to migrate
أَبْصَرَ, يُبْصِرُ
to see; to watch
أَحْسَنَ, يُحْسِنُ
to do good; to do excellently
أَخْرَجَ, يُخْرِجُ
to bring forth
أَدْخَلَ, يُدْخِلُ
to make something enter
أَرْجَعَ, يُرْجِعُ
to send back; to take back
أَرْسَلَ, يُرْسِلُ
to send
أَسْرَفَ, يُسْرِفُ
to exceed; to be extravagant
أَسْلَمَ, يُسْلِمُ
to submit; to surrender
أَشْرَكَ, يُشْرِكُ
to ascribe a partner
أَصْبَحَ, يُصْبِحُ
to become
أَصْلَحَ, يُصْلِحُ
to become good; to make good
أَعْرَضَ, يُعْرِضُ
to turn away; to backslide
أَغْرَقَ, يُغْرِقُ
to drown
أَفْسَدَ, يُفْسِدُ
to spread corruption
أَفْلَحَ, يُفْلِحُ
to be successful
أَنْبَتَ, يُنْبِتُ
to make something grow; to cause to grow
أَنْذَرَ, يُنْذِرُ
to warn
أَنْزَلَ, يُنْزِلُ
to send down; to reveal
أَنْشَأَ, يُنْشِئُ
to produce, create; to make something grow
أَنْعَمَ, يُنْعِمُ
to favor; to bestow grace
أَنْفَقَ, يُنْفِقُ
to spend
أَنْكَرَ, يُنْكِرُ
to not recognize; to deny
أَهْلَكَ, يُهْلِكُ
to destroy
أَتَمَّ, يُتِمُّ
to complete
أَحَبَّ, يُحِبُّ
to love
أَحَلَّ, يُحِلُّ
to make lawful; to cause to dwell
أَسَرَّ, يُسِرُّ
to conceal; to speak secretly
أَضَلَّ, يُضِلُّ
to leave in error; to send astray
أَعَدَّ, يُعِدُّ
to prepare; to make something ready
أَذَاقَ, يُذِيقُ
to make somebody taste
أَرَادَ, يُرِيدُ
to intend; to wish
أَصَابَ, يُصِيبُ
to befall; to inflict
أَطَاعَ, يُطِيعُ
to obey
أَقَامَ, يُقِيمُ
to establish; to set upright
أَمَاتَ, يُمِيتُ
to cause someone to die
أَحْيَا, يُحْيِي
to give life
أَخْفَى, يُخْفِي
to conceal
أَرَى, يُرِي
to show
أَغْنَى, يُغْنِي
to enrich
أَلْقَى, يُلقِي
to throw; to cast; to place
أَنْجَى, يُنْجِي
to rescue; to save; to deliver
أَوْحَى, يُوحِي
to reveal; to inspire
أَوْفَى, يُوفِي
to fulfill
آمَنَ, يُؤْمِنُ
to believe
آ تَى, يُؤْتِي
to give
آذَى, يُؤْذِي
to give trouble; to harm; to annoy
تَفَكَّرَ, يَتَفَكَّرُ
to think over; to reflect
تَذَكَّرَ, يَتَذَكَّرُ
to receive admonition; to remember
تَوَكَّلَ, يَتَوَكَّلُ
to put one's trust
تَبَيَّنَ, يَتَبَيَّنُ
to become clear
تَرَبَّصَ, يَتَرَبَّصُ
to wait & watch for opportunity
تَوَلَّى, يَتَوَلَّى
to turn away; to take for friend
تَوَفَّى, يَتَوَفَّى
to make somebody die; to receive in full
تَبَارَكَ, يَتَبَارَكُ
to be blessed or exalted
تَسَاءَلَ, يَتَسَاءَلُ
to ask each other
اِخْتَلَفَ, يَخْتَلِفُ
to differ
اِتَّبَعَ, يَتَّبِعُ
to follow
اِتَّخَذَ, يَتَّخِذُ
to take; to adopt
اِتَّقَى, يَتَّقِي
to be on guard; to protect
اِفْتَرَى, يَفْتَرِي
to fabricate a lie
اِهْتَدَى, يَهْتَدِي
to find or to follow the right path
اِبْتَغَى, يَبْتَغِي
to seek
اِنْقَلَبَ, يَنْقَلِبُ
to turn around; to return
اِنْتَهَى, يَنْتَهِي
to refrain; to end
اِسْوَدَّ, يَسْوَدُّ
to become black
اِبْيَضَّ, يَبْيَضُّ
to become white
اِسْتَعْجَلَ, يَسْتَعْجِلُ
to seek something to hasten
اِسْتَغْفَرَ, يَسْتَغْفِرُ
to ask forgiveness
اِسْتَكْبَرَ, يَسْتَكْبِرُ
to act arrogantly
اِسْتَهْزَأَ, يَسْتَهْزِئُ
to mock at
اِسْتَجَابَ, يَسْتَجِيب
to accept; to respond
اِسْتَطَاعَ, يَسْتَطِيعُ
to be able to
اِسْتَقَامَ, يَسْتَقِيمُ
to be straight; to act straight
ضَرَبَ فِي
went forth; strove
ضَرَبَ لِ
ضَرَبَ عَلَى
struck upon; overshadowed
ضَرَبَ مَثَلًا
gave example
عَفَا عَنْ
decreed; fulfilled
قَضَى بَيْنَ
قَضَى عَلَى
put; laid down
وَضَعَ عَنْ
turned; caused to turn
وَلَّى إِلَى
turned to
وَلَّى عَنْ
turned away from
أَتَى بِ
بَغَى عَلَى
oppressed; was unjust
تَابَ،تَابَ إِلَى
تَابَ عَلَى
accepted the repentance
came; arrived
جَاءَ بِ
ذَهَبَ بِ
took away
ذَهَبَ عَنْ
went away
was contented
رَضِيَ عَنْ
pleased with