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  1. Do-Nothing Kings
  2. Precarium
  3. Chivalry
  4. Dominium Eminens
  5. Tours
  1. a the term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son
  2. b something that is asked for and received by entreaty
  3. c Clovis' successors were known as the...
  4. d at this battle site the Muslim advance in Europe was halted, which saved northern Europe for Christianity
  5. e code of ethics describing characteristics of ideal knight and conduct expected

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  1. ditch in front of a castle that prevented entry except across a drawbridge
  2. certain rights/lands granted in return for specific services
  3. ruler who cooperated with the Church; supported papal missionaries and made the office of 'mayor' hereditary
  4. when the vassal becomes the lord's "man"
  5. the term that means parceling out land by vassal to other nobles

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  1. Lotharii Regnumwife of Clovis who was a Roman Catholic


  2. Lothairhe received the land from North Sea to central Italy known as Lorraine from the Treaty of Verdun


  3. Charles Martelruler who built an empire that stretched from Spain to Central Europe; he allied closely with the Church and divided the empire


  4. Scutageat age 15, a boy became this where he continued his training in warfare, waiting on lord and lady at the table, and studied music and poetry


  5. Dominium Utilethe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son