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  1. Carolingian Miniscule
  2. Clothilde
  3. Fallow
  4. Charles Martel
  5. Fief
  1. a term for uncultivated land
  2. b the term for the grant of land between nobles
  3. c scribes developed this, which was a modern form of writing upper and lower case letters
  4. d wife of Clovis who was a Roman Catholic
  5. e ruler who organized the efficient, reliable cavalry and won the Battle of Tours

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  1. political (social and economic) system that developed in Europe when local nobles began to govern their own land in absence of a strong central government
  2. an oath of loyalty from the vassal to the lord
  3. the term for the noble who granted land
  4. at age 18, the noble was dubbed this where he would have to kneel before the church altar the night before and his sword was blessed by the priest/ bishop in the morning
  5. "alternative service"; service given other than military service by the vassal to the lord

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  1. Keepa tower that contained storerooms, barracks, workshops, and the lord's living quarters


  2. Great Hallhe received the land from North Sea to central Italy known as Lorraine from the Treaty of Verdun


  3. Aachena scholar from England who ran the school at Aachen and developed a program of study based on the Bible and Latin writings


  4. Lotharii Regnumland from North Sea to central Italy controlled by Lothair; also known as Lorraine


  5. Pagewhen the vassal becomes the lord's "man"


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