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  1. Knight of the Bath
  2. Demesne
  3. Dominium Eminens
  4. Knight of the Sword
  5. Lothair
  1. a he received the land from North Sea to central Italy known as Lorraine from the Treaty of Verdun
  2. b the term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son
  3. c a squire could be made this after battle in which he fought gallantly
  4. d at age 18, the noble was dubbed this where he would have to kneel before the church altar the night before and his sword was blessed by the priest/ bishop in the morning
  5. e the land on which manor house was located; included barns, stables, mills, bake houses, and cook houses

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  1. ruler who appealed to Pope Zacharis; crowned "King by the Grace of God"
  2. wife of Clovis who was a Roman Catholic
  3. "Messengers of the Lord"; royal messengers who maintained law and order, visited counties, and reported back to Charlemagne
  4. land from North Sea to central Italy controlled by Lothair; also known as Lorraine
  5. scribes developed this, which was a modern form of writing upper and lower case letters

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  1. Scutage"alternative service"; service given other than military service by the vassal to the lord


  2. Pepin IIruler who cooperated with the Church; supported papal missionaries and made the office of 'mayor' hereditary


  3. Hospitalitythe vassal would have to offer this to the lord, which was up to 9 days per year and no more than 3 days at a time


  4. Beneficiumthis category of education is defined by the subjects of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy


  5. Precariumsomething that is asked for and received by entreaty