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  1. Einhard
  2. Louis the Pious
  3. Homage
  4. Charles Martel
  5. Comitatus
  1. a ruler who organized the efficient, reliable cavalry and won the Battle of Tours
  2. b biographer of Charlemagne and monk
  3. c when the vassal becomes the lord's "man"
  4. d Germanic tribal custom, in which the chief divided the 'spoils of war' with warriors in return for pledges of loyalty and military service
  5. e son of Charlemagne who was more interested in religion than government so he lost the support of nobles and clergy

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  1. at age 15, a boy became this where he continued his training in warfare, waiting on lord and lady at the table, and studied music and poetry
  2. the vassal would have to offer this to the lord, which was up to 9 days per year and no more than 3 days at a time
  3. a tower that contained storerooms, barracks, workshops, and the lord's living quarters
  4. the land mass formed by the continents of Europe and Asia
  5. the ceremony in which a fief is granted

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  1. Dominium Eminensthe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son


  2. Lothairhe received the land from North Sea to central Italy known as Lorraine from the Treaty of Verdun


  3. Dominium Utilethe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son


  4. Vassalthe term for the noble who recieved the land


  5. Moatthe term for the noble who granted land


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