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  1. Charlemagne
  2. Aachen
  3. Knight of the Bath
  4. Louis the German
  5. Portcullis
  1. a at age 18, the noble was dubbed this where he would have to kneel before the church altar the night before and his sword was blessed by the priest/ bishop in the morning
  2. b ruler who built an empire that stretched from Spain to Central Europe; he allied closely with the Church and divided the empire
  3. c he received Germany from the Treaty of Verdun
  4. d the capital of Charlemagne's empire where he set up a palace school
  5. e iron gate used to keep people out of a castle

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  1. Germanic tribal custom, in which the chief divided the 'spoils of war' with warriors in return for pledges of loyalty and military service
  2. the term for when the oldest son of a noble inherits all of the fief
  3. land from North Sea to central Italy controlled by Lothair; also known as Lorraine
  4. the place in the castle where the lord held 'court' and received visitors
  5. a squire could be made this after battle in which he fought gallantly

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  1. Precariumsomething that is asked for and received by entreaty


  2. Quadriviumthis category of education is defined by the subjects of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy


  3. Feudalismpolitical (social and economic) system that developed in Europe when local nobles began to govern their own land in absence of a strong central government


  4. Marks (Marches)defensive "buffer" districts located at frontier areas of Charlemagne's empire


  5. Dominium Eminensthe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son