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  1. Treaty of Verdun
  2. Portcullis
  3. Moat
  4. Louis the Pious
  5. Counties
  1. a ditch in front of a castle that prevented entry except across a drawbridge
  2. b iron gate used to keep people out of a castle
  3. c Charlemagne divided his empire into these, which were administered by local officials
  4. d this document divided Charlemagne's Empire into three parts
  5. e son of Charlemagne who was more interested in religion than government so he lost the support of nobles and clergy

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  1. "Messengers of the Lord"; royal messengers who maintained law and order, visited counties, and reported back to Charlemagne
  2. he received France from the Treaty of Verdun
  3. scribes developed this, which was a modern form of writing upper and lower case letters
  4. the term for when the oldest son of a noble inherits all of the fief
  5. ruler who appealed to Pope Zacharis; crowned "King by the Grace of God"

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  1. Fallowterm for uncultivated land


  2. Clovisfounder of the Merovingian dynasty; brilliant and ruthless ruler that built his empire from the Pyrenees to Central Europe


  3. Hospitalityan oath of loyalty from the vassal to the lord


  4. Chivalryan oath of loyalty from the vassal to the lord


  5. Dominium Eminensthe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son