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  1. Pope Leo III
  2. Einhard
  3. Fief
  4. Missi Dominici
  5. Fealty
  1. a crowned Charlemagne "Emperor of the Romans"
  2. b "Messengers of the Lord"; royal messengers who maintained law and order, visited counties, and reported back to Charlemagne
  3. c an oath of loyalty from the vassal to the lord
  4. d biographer of Charlemagne and monk
  5. e the term for the grant of land between nobles

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  1. when the vassal becomes the lord's "man"
  2. Charlemagne divided his empire into these, which were administered by local officials
  3. land from North Sea to central Italy controlled by Lothair; also known as Lorraine
  4. founder of the Merovingian dynasty; brilliant and ruthless ruler that built his empire from the Pyrenees to Central Europe
  5. this document divided Charlemagne's Empire into three parts

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  1. ComitatusGermanic tribal custom, in which the chief divided the 'spoils of war' with warriors in return for pledges of loyalty and military service


  2. Aachenthe capital of Charlemagne's empire where he set up a palace school


  3. Subinfeudationthe term that means parceling out land by vassal to other nobles


  4. Eurasiaat this battle site the Muslim advance in Europe was halted, which saved northern Europe for Christianity


  5. Dominium Utilethe term that refers to a noble's legal ownership; from lord to oldest son