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  1. vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayáis, vayan
  2. all boot verbs have stem changes in the normal boot formation; ir verbs have an extra change in the nos/vos forms (the same vowel change as in the el/ellos preterite form)
  3. dé, des, dé, demos, deis, den
  4. all forms change for: car to que, cer to za, cer/cir to zca, gar to gue, ger to ja, gir to ja, guir to ga, uir to uya, zar to ce

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  1. haberhaya, hayas, haya, hayamos, hayáis, hayan


  2. serin all formal and all negative informal commands


  3. regular formationirregular stem + a, as, a, amos, áis, an


  4. founddependent clause after que


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