Bible 9 Unit 2

1st Day
Light. Night & Day
2nd Day
Expanse between waters-sky-heavens
3rd Day
Dry Ground. earth-sea-plants-trees
4th Day
Stars, Sun, Moon, Seasons
Creatures of the Sea & Birds
Animals & Man
God rested. HOLY
Curses put on the Serpent
Crawl, eat dust, enmity with man
Curses on Eve (Woman)
Increased pain in child birth, under authority of man
Curses on Adam (Man)
Curse the ground, no more paradise, toil.
1st Crises
The Fall - Humans rebel against God
God's Response to 1st Crises
Promises a descendent who will crush the serpent
2nd Crises
The Flood - Destroy the earth
God's Response to the 2nd Crises
Promises to never the destroy the earth again
3rd Crises
Tower of Babel
God's Response to the 3rd Crises
Begins his plans of Salvation through Abraham
God's 3 Promises to Abraham
-Blessing to ALL nations
Where did Abraham's family first move to?
Which part of that land did Abraham settle in?
Area of Negev
Why did Abraham go to Egypt?
Severe Famine
Where did Abraham live after leaving Egypt?
Land of Canaan (In a tent)
What did Abraham do for a living?
Why did Abraham and Lot separate?
Fighting over land for the livestock
a) What land did Lot chose to live in? b) Why?
a) East, Plain of Jordan, Rift Valley. b) Better Livestock
Formal, Serious agreement between two or more parties.
Unconditional Covenant
Nothing in return
Conditional Covenant
Both have a part, if one breaks a part, covenant is over
Circumcision is a symbol of what?
God's covenant with Abraham
Three visitors that came to Abraham were?
God and 2 angels