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adj. -having a disgusting smell
s. - having a strong odor
In the town square Mercutio joked that the nurse had a rancid smell.


n.- excuses that seem logical
s. - reasonable explanations
Were the rationalizations of Romeo and Juliet logical? Was their destiny fate or free will?


adj.- moving away from
s. - drifting, leaving, fading
Juliet was receding from the tomb until she saw Romeo dead on the floor.


n.- friendly end to a quarrel
s. - mediation
Was it possible for there to be a reconciliation between the feuding families?


v. - ruled
s. - governed
Who reigned as the leader in Verona during the play?


v. - repeated
s. - said again
The apothecary reiterated that he could not by law sell poison.


n. - ability to spring back
s. - good reflexes, pliancy
During the sword fights, Romeo showed great resiliency.


n. - determination; purpose
s. - promise

v. - strongly decide

Romeo and Juliet had a resolve to marry.
They resolved to marry.


adj. -extreme
s. - not mainstream
Did you think Friar Laurence's plan was radical?


v. - rushing wildly about
s. - charging with anger, enraged

Wanting revenge, Romeo was rampaging against Tybalt.

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