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1. The political party and politically-oriented interest group:

differ because political parties try to win elections while interest groups' main goals are to influence government decisions.

2. Which of the following groups could not be classified as a special interest group in Texas?

La Raza Unida Party.

3. The ultimate goal of any political interest group is to:

influence public policy for the benefit of its members.

4. Which is not a professional interest group?

the Moral Majority

5. Agricultural interest groups include all but:

the Sunbelt Buyers.

6. The existence of lobbying is protected by the:

First Amendment

7. Your interest group favors lower taxes, deregulation, and minimum safety standards. Which of the following groups are you likely to be a member of?

Texas Association of Businesses

8. Three of the most influential types of interest groups in the United States are:

business, agriculture, and labor.

9. Public-interest groups:

claim to represent the general good rather than special interests.

10. Which of the following would be most likely to be hired as a lobbyist for a major economic concern?

a former member of the legislature

11. Two politically important groups organized by Spanish-speaking Texans are:


12. Which of the following statements is NOT accurate with regard to the general rules of interest group formation?

Those in the working class are more likely to join groups than those in the upper class.

13. In which of the following arenas do interest groups attempt to affect public policy?

All of the above

14. What is formed by an organization, industry, or individual for the purpose of collecting money and contributing to selected political candidates or causes?

Political action committees

15. The efforts of interest group representatives to influence policy-makers face-to-face are called


16. In attempting to influence the legislature, one of the most important resources lobbyists have available is


17. In 1932, representatives of industries interested in expanding highway construction in Texas formed the

Texas Good Roads Association

18. The Texas Good Roads and Transportation Association is made up of

all of the above.

19. The best known and probably the largest of the organizations that currently comprise the "Christian Right" is

the Christian Coalition

20. Which interest groups have had little influence on public policy in Texas?

Organized labor

21. Labor unions are handicapped in Texas by state laws prohibiting

all of the above.

22. The oldest of the Hispanic organizations in Texas, formed to combat discrimination against Mexican Americans, is

none of the above.

23. The largest organization representing teachers in Texas is

the Texas State Teachers Association.

24. Efforts to organize teachers in Texas are handicapped by

a legal prohibition against bargaining collectively with school districts.

25. In order to win support for their causes, lobbyists must

supply powerful arguments and good information.

26. Some critics claim that interest groups are especially powerful in Texas because

all of the above.

1. The legislative agency that helps draft the state budget is the

Legislative Budget Board

2. Which of these districts are not determined by the Legislature?

U.S. Senate

3. The Texas Constitution calls for legislative redistricting

during the first regular session after the federal decennial census.

4. Special sessions of the Texas legislature are:

none of the above.

5. According to the rules of the Texas Senate, debate is:

basically unlimited.

6. Bills introduced in the House are referred to a committee by the


7. Length of a senate term


8. The existence of standing committees in the House and Senate promotes

all of the above.

9. The chief function of legislature in the United States is to:

enact public policy.

10. Which committee controls the flow of legislation from other committees to the floor of the House of Representatives?


11. Legislators in Texas come from districts that are:

equal in population size in both the House and Senate.

12. The Texas Legislature meets in regular session:

every other year for 140 days.

13. In reality, the passage or defeat of a bill depends on:

all of the above

14. The Supreme Court ruled in 1960 that all districts within a state must have:

equal number of people

15. In terms of the number of committees in the Texas Legislature, which statement is true?

the House has more committees than the Senate

16. In regard to standing committees in the Texas Legislature

they are found in both houses.

17. Length of a representative term


18. Cloture is a

device to halt a filibuster.

19. Who may draft a bill for introduction in the House?

any member of the House.

20. Which of these powers does the Legislature not have?


21. The term used to describe the situation in which a committee refuses to release a bill which effectively kills the bill, is


22. Powers of the presiding officers of the Legislature do not include

power to control legislative salaries.

23. The legislative agency which reviews state agencies and recommend whether they will be continued or abolished is the

Sunset Advisory Commission.

24. The occupation that is listed most frequently by Texas Legislature is


25. Negotiating a compromise on bills which differ on passage in each House is the function of

conference committee.

26. Members of conference committees are

appointed by the presiding officers of each house.

27. Maximum length of a special session


28. Minimum age for a senator


29. Minimum age for a representative


30. Maximum length of a regular legislative session


31. Number of representatives


32. Laws go into effect after this number of days


33. Monthly pay of legislators for Texas legislators


34. A bill that must originate in the House is

revenue bill

35. The only state with a unicameral legislature is


36. The presiding officers of the Legislature do not have the power to

permanently expel a member of his house

37. The salary of the lieutenant governor is determined by the


38. The salaries of the Texas legislators can be changed only by

constitutional amendment

39. Number of senators


40. If the legislature fails to redistrict at the proper time, it will be done by the

Legislative Redistricting Board

41. Debate in the Texas House of Representatives is:

usually for a short period of minutes.

42. Which of the following is not a calendar used by the Texas House?


43. The lower house of the Texas legislature is:

members elected from districts of roughly equal population.

44. Before enactment, a proposed law or statute is known as a


45. The speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is:

selected by a majority vote of his fellow representatives.

46. The selection of the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is:

usually completed unofficially before the first meeting of the legislature.

47. Which of the following is not a type of legislative committee?

nominal committee.

48. A legislative committee which meets when the legislature is not in session to consider proposed legislation is:

interim committee

49. The Texas Legislature has all of the following characteristics except:

a unicameral structure.

50. The president of the Senate

votes on a bill only when necessary to break a tie.

51. One factor that severely limits the number of people seeking legislative positions in Texas is:

cost of waging an effective campaign

52. Which is not a characteristic of a special legislative session?

can be held only in odd-numbered years

53. An individual is limited to how many terms in the Texas legislature?

no limit

54. The backbone of the legislative process is the

committee system

55. The assistant presiding officer of the Senate is the

president pro tempore

56. The dominant occupation among Texas legislators in 1991 was


57. Which legal principle was established by the United States Supreme Court for the drawing of political boundaries?

"one man, one vote"

58. Senatorial courtesy refers to

the custom that allows an individual senator to block the governor's appointment of a person who lives in that senator's district

59. The line item veto is

the governor's removal of specific spending items from general appropriations bills only

60. The presiding officer of the Texas Senate is the

lieutenant governor

61. The speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is elected by

a majority of House members

62. The Texas legislature includes

a 31-member Senate and a 150-member House of Representatives

63. I will appreciate your assistance in helping me become a better teacher. Would you please tell me what your overall evaluation of the course is:

All of the above

64. Would you recommend your political science teacher to your friends?

All of the above

65. The number of members in the Texas Senate is


66. The number of members in the Texas House of Representatives is


67. In comparison with other state legislatures, the upper chamber in Texas is ____ than average and the lower chamber is ____ than


68. Members of the Texas Senate serve ____-year terms while members of the Texas House of Representatives serve ____-year terms.


69. Special sessions of the Texas legislature called by the governor are limited to a maximum of how many days?


70. If the Texas legislature fails to redistrict, responsibility for redistricting is assumed by the

Legislative Redistricting Board.

71. Which of the following is not a member of the Legislative Redistricting Board?

The governor

72. The process of drawing boundaries of electoral districts in such a way that one party or faction has an advantage over another is called


73. Since 1975, how much have legislative salaries in Texas have been per year?


74. The current salary for legislators in Texas was established by

a constitutional amendment.

75. Members of the Texas Senate must be at least ____ years of age while members of the Texas House must be at least ____ years of age.


76. The typical Texas legislator is

all of the above.

77. The average age of state legislators in Texas is approximately


78. Chairpersons of committees in the Texas legislature are selected by

the presiding officers.

79. The presiding officer of the Texas Senate is the

lieutenant governor.

80. The presiding officer of the Texas House of Representatives is the


81. The speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is chosen by the

members of the House.

82. Which committees in the Texas legislature most closely resemble select committees in the U.S. Congress?

Ad hoc committees

83. Which of the following bodies was created in 1949 to provide research and technical services to Texas legislators?

The Texas Legislative Council

84. Members of conference committees in Texas are selected by

the presiding officers.

85. In the Texas House of Representatives, bills are referred to the proper committees by the


86. In the Texas House, the placement of a bill on the appropriate calendar is the responsibility of the

Calendars Committee and the Local and Consent Calendars Committee.

87. Regular sessions of the Texas Legislature occur

every two years for a four-month period.

88. Biennial sessions have the effect of

both A and C.

89. Committee chairpersons of standing committees are

appointed by the lieutenant governor.

90. The most significant power of a presiding officer of the Texas legislature is the right to

appoint members to standing committees.

91. The Speaker of the House in Texas is

elected by the members of the House of Representatives at the beginning of each session.

92. The process by which voters can place an issue on the ballot and if approved, have it become law is called


93. The process of citizens circulating a petition to have the right to vote to remove a law is called a


94. Critics of the existing system believe that initiative and referendum would

all of the above.

95. Supporters of the existing system believe that initiative and referendum would

all of the above.

96. Which of the following forms of legislative action is used by the Texas legislature to propose constitutional amendments?

Joint resolution

97. Which of the following types of legislation may not originate in the Texas Senate?

Revenue bills

98. How many readings does the Texas Constitution require that proposed legislation be given before being enacted into law?


99. An effort to force the withdrawal of a controversial bill through the use of the unlimited privileges of debate in the Senate is called a


100. Differences between bills passed by the House and Senate are resolved by what type of committee?


101. Unless the legislature adjourns, the governor has ___ days (excluding Sundays) to dispose of enacted legislation.


102. The governor's item veto applies only to

appropriations bills

103. Appropriations bills passed by the Texas legislature always take effect

on September 1.

104. Legislators in Texas are handicapped by

all of the above.

105. In recent years, the legislature in Texas

has become more urban and more Republican.

106. Public policy that has the force of law is made by

all of the above.

107. Whose opinions have the force of law unless they are successfully challenged in court?

Attorney general

108. The Calendars Committee

is selective and determines which bills will go to the floor for a vote.

109. Parliamentary procedures enable

both B and C.

1. The executive branch of Texas is divided into:

many elective and appointive offices.

2. The main reason Texas' executive branch power is fragmented is because:

the framers of the Texas Constitution had a basic fear of executive power

3. Which of the following is not an informal qualification for the typical Texas governor?

at least thirty years of age

4. If the office of governor is vacated by absence of the governor, it is filled by

Lieutenant Governor

5. Before Texas' constitution was amended, the governor was elected for:

two-year terms with no limit on the number of terms.

6. Arguments for a four-year term of office for the governor include all of the following except:

it guarantees Democratic control

7. The governor of Texas can be removed from office by:

impeachment by the House and conviction by two-thirds of the Senate.

8. The legislative agency that helps draft the state budget is the

Legislative Budget Board

9. In practice, a veto by the governor of Texas is:

usually final.

10. After the end of the legislative session, the governor's veto is:

in practice absolute

11. The governor does not have the power to exercise:

a pocket veto

12. Which of these is not a legislative power of the governor?

may exercise the pocket veto.

13. The salary of the Texas governor is determined by the


14. The governor may exercise the item veto on which of the following

the appropriations bill

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