13 terms

4-13: r/o midterm: RA

what is RA
systemic autoimmune disorder; inflammatory synovitis; erode and destroys articular cartilage
who is most affected
middle aged women
what joints are affected
hands, wrists, feet, ankles, bilaterally
how long must symptoms be going on
6 weeks
what are MC symptoms
pain in morning, stiffness, swelling, systemic signs
what factor is + in RA
serum rheumatoid factor
what are common joint defomities in RA
bunions, hammer toes, ulnar driftic of carpi and MCPs, swan neck, boutonniere, carpal tunnel
varus =
bow legged
valgus =
knock kneed
what is episcleritits
anterior chamber of eye
what is systemic invovlement in RA
episcleritis, pulmonary interstitial disease, vascultis, dry eyes, pericarditis
where are rheumatoid nodules seen
extensor surface of arms
what factor is present but not specific for RA
rheumatoid factor