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  1. relative location
  2. place
  3. globes
  4. natural resources
  5. interaction
  1. a how people adapt to their environment and how people change it
  2. b helps explain why people settled in an area and why certain events took place
  3. c physical and human features
  4. d material that humans can take from the environment to survive and satisfy their needs
  5. e a sphere; see the whole earth; exact

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  1. cartographers have developed dozens of ways of drawing the Earth on a flat surface. those methods are ________________.
  2. relative or exact
  3. an account of what has happened in the lives of different people
  4. measures the distance east and west from the prime meridian (runs through greenwich, england)
  5. has unifying or similar features or unifying cultural traits

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  1. thematic mapsthey show more detail; they're flat and distort some part of earth ; relative


  2. lines of latitudemeasures the distance north and south from the equator (parallel lines)


  3. geographythe study of people, their environment, and the resources


  4. equator0 degrees; imaginary line that cuts the earth in two hemispheres


  5. movementmovement of people, goods, and ideas