13 terms

access lesson 1 vocab

best fit
the term used when 2 column in a datasheet is resized to the best width for the data contained into colum
a process that shortens a data sheet
data base
a collection or object that stores data
data base management system
a program that you use to store retrieve and print info DBMS
data sheet
displays data in rows or columns in a sheet
data sheet view
the view of a data table in a sheet view
a single characteristic in a table design that appears in a sheet
feild name
the name of a feild in data table
feild selector
the top row in a data sheet selector
feild value
the specific data stored in a feild for a record value
navigation pane
the pane in access that make navigation easy
a collection of records in a feild
record selector
the box to the left of a record in a data sheet when click select the entire record