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  1. glottis
  2. pleura layers
  3. sputum
  4. thoracic/o
  1. a thick mucus ejected through the mouth
  2. b thorax; chest
  3. c vocal folds and apparatus of the larynx
  4. d outer: parietal
    inner: visceral

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  1. lower portion of the larynx
  2. adj. frequently used to modify another term in or associated with the lungs
  3. tubes (right and left) branching off from the trachea and into the lungs
  4. pleura
  5. absence of breathing

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  1. Rtidal volume


  2. bronchial pneumoniainflammation of the smaller bronchial tubes


  3. rhinitisinflammation of the inner lining of the nasal cavity


  4. laryngitisinflammation of the larynx


  5. bradypneadifficult breathing