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  1. pleura layers
  2. pulmonary function tests
  3. alveoli
  4. vocal cords
  5. laryngostenosis
  1. a folds of mucus membrane that re used in speech production
  2. b a narrowing of the larynx
  3. c measurement of lung volumes to asses breathing and ventilation
  4. d outer: parietal
    inner: visceral
  5. e small cavities in which oxygen is removed from the air delivered by the bronchioles

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  1. adj. referring to the diaphragm
  2. the bronchi become narrowed or constricted
  3. involuntary contraction of the larynx
  4. thorax; chest
  5. difficult or painful speech

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  1. TBtuberculosis


  2. ABGarterial blood gas


  3. TVtuberculosis


  4. emphysemaa lung disease characterized by reversible inflammation and constriction


  5. larynxnose