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  1. rhonchi
  2. bronchiectasis
  3. external respiration
  4. bronchiolitis
  5. PFT
  1. a process whereby air is brought into the lungs, and oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the blood within the capillaries of the alveoli
  2. b inflammation of the bronchioles
  3. c pulmonary function test
  4. d abnormal breathing sound, low pitched sonorous sounds
  5. e chronic dilation of the bronchi

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  1. the bronchi become narrowed or constricted
  2. oxygen
  3. voice box, vocal cords
  4. a mucus membrane-covered leaf-shaped piece of cartilage at the roof of the tongue
  5. arterial blood gas

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  1. basebottom of each lung


  2. cystic fibrosischronic dilation of the bronchi


  3. pneumothoraxaccumulation of air in the pleural space


  4. -phoniavoice


  5. TLCtotal lung capacity


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