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  1. Kussmaul
  2. bronchopneumonia
  3. TV
  4. trache/o
  5. bronchiectasis
  1. a tidal volume
  2. b rapid deep respirations that are characteristic of an acid-base imbalance (frequently seen in uncontrolled diabetes)
  3. c chronic dilation of the bronchi
  4. d trachea
  5. e inflammation of the smaller bronchial tubes

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  1. small cavities in which oxygen is removed from the air delivered by the bronchioles
  2. inflammation of the inner lining of the nasal cavity
  3. inflammation of the mucus membrane of the bronchial tubes
  4. narrowing of the bronchial tubes
  5. the bronchi become more opened or dilated

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  1. rhonchiabnormal breathing sound, low pitched sonorous sounds


  2. pulmonaryadj. frequently used to modify another term in or associated with the lungs


  3. larynxvoice box, vocal cords


  4. SOBarterial blood gas


  5. pleura layersabnormal breathing sounds, crackles