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  1. pneum/o
  2. laryng/o
  3. pneumothorax
  4. bronchospasm
  5. rhin/o
  1. a accumulation of air in the pleural space
  2. b larynx
  3. c nose
  4. d air; lung
  5. e abnormal contraction of the bronchi

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  1. discharge from the rhinal mucus membrane
  2. total lung capacity
  3. voice box, vocal cords
  4. condition in which the alveoli are inefficient because of distension
  5. arterial blood gas

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  1. pulmon/olung


  2. -pneaabsence of breathing


  3. CXRchest x-ray


  4. IRVinspiratory reserve volume


  5. pulmonaryadj. frequently used to modify another term in or associated with the lungs