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  1. bronch/o
  2. cilia
  3. croup
  4. atelectasis
  5. ERV
  1. a small hairs in the upper respiratory tract that sweep up foreign matter and mucus out of the respiratory system
  2. b bronchus
  3. c collapse of a lung or part if a lung, leading to decreased gas exchange
  4. d a viral infection that causes swelling of the larynx and epiglottis; characterized by a barking noise
  5. e expiratory reserve volume

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  1. oxygen
  2. pulmonary function test
  3. voice
  4. high pitched sqeaking sound frequently associated with croup
  5. air; lung

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  1. basebottom of each lung


  2. T&Atonsils and adenoids


  3. dysphoniaadj. referring to the diaphragm


  4. -pneaabsence of breathing


  5. thorac/othorax; chest