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Creating permanent esstablishments to rule, or have a puppet government rule in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia

The Columbian Exhange

Transatlantic trade lines that were created by Columbus that connectedd North America, South America, and Europe by transporting technologies, animals, crops, disease and ideas.


Widespread disease

Joint-Stock Company

When people pool money together to invest because it is too expensive for just one person. For example, Jamestown.

House of Burgesses

Colonists elected representatives to make laws for the colony in Virgina.

Mayflower Compact

In direct democracy where male landowners met in city hall to make decesions

Northern Colonies

Indistrial, ship building, fishing and manufacturing. Smallfarnsm fewer slaves. Bid cities: New York City and Boston

Middle Colonies

Very diverse (religion and origin) mix of farming and industry. Key trade ports: Baltimore and Philidelphia

Southern Colonies

Agricultural, slave labor dependent, small plantations, and small yeoman farmers


TRade policies put in place to favor the mother country

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