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something written; a diagram or chart; a network of lines connecting points


described in realistic detail; vivid; pertaining to any of the graphic arts such as painting, drawing, and engraving


a machine for reproducing sound from records in the form of cylinders or spiral-grooved rotating disks


the art or technique of motion-picture photography


a lie detector


the science dealing with differences between areas of the earth's surface, such as climate, population, elevation, vegetation, or land use


a system for sending distant messages or signals between two electronic devices connected by wire


to write hastily or carelessly; to cover with meaningless marks


to make a written or typed copy of spoken material; to translate into another language


a written, typewritten, or printed copy of something


to assign or attribute to a particular cause or source


a sum of money pledged as a contribution; the right to receive a magazine or other service for a sum; the act of appending one's signature to a document


a written direction from a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine


to draw a circle around; to enclose within bounds or confine


handwriting; written text of a play, movie, or television program


an addition to a concluded and signed letter; a supplement appended to a book


a representation of something in words or pictures; a sort or variety of thing

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