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  1. Antirealism
  2. A Priori
  3. Pantheism
  4. Epistemology
  5. Polytheism
  1. a Belief in many gods.
  2. b The belief that everything is God.
  3. c The doctrine that the objects of our senses do not exist independently of our perceptions, beliefs, concepts, and language.
  4. d Pertaining to knowledge that is logically prior to experience.
  5. e The banch of philosophy that investigates the nature, source, limitations, and validity of knowledge.

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  1. The concepts that under certain circumstances people are not morally reponsible for their decisions and conduct.
  2. In metaphysics, the position that reality is ultimatley nonmatter.
  3. Any view that denies the existence of a single universally applicable moral standard.
  4. The process of reasoning to probable explanations or judgements
  5. A Nonconsequential theory that says we should always do thee will of god.

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  1. AgnosticismThe claim that God's existence can be neither proved nor disproved.


  2. Design ArgumentAn Argument for the existence of God that claims that there must be ultimate causal explanation for why the universe as a totality exists.


  3. Ontological ArgumentAn argument for the existence of God based on the nature of God's being.


  4. AnarchismThe theory that all forms of government are incompatible with individaul and social liberty and should be abolished.


  5. AutonomyThe view that pleasure is intrinsically worthwhile and is the human's good.