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  1. Autonomy
  2. Epistemology
  3. Ontological Argument
  4. A posteriori
  5. Metaephysics
  1. a The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality.
  2. b The freedom of being able to decide for oneself by using one's own rationality.
  3. c The banch of philosophy that investigates the nature, source, limitations, and validity of knowledge.
  4. d An argument for the existence of God based on the nature of God's being.
  5. e Pertaining to knowledge stated in empirically verifiable statements; inductive reasoning.

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  1. In metaphysics, the position that reality is ultimatley nonmatter.
  2. The Philosophical school of thought that emphasizes the analysis of language and meaning.
  3. A Nonconsequential theory that says we should always do thee will of god.
  4. The denial that human acts are completely determined.
  5. The view that events are fixed and that humans can do nothing to alter them.

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  1. ExcusabilityThe concepts that under certain circumstances people are not morally reponsible for their decisions and conduct.


  2. PantheismThe belief that everything is God.


  3. NihilismThe view that nothing exists, that nothing has value.


  4. Ethical absolutismIn ethics, the view that affirms the existence of a single universally applicable moral standard.


  5. Cosmological ArgumentAn argument for the existence of God based on the nature of God's being.