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Last Supper

Jesus and the apostles came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish Passover

Last Supper

Occured on a Thursday

Last Supper

Jesus: "This is my body. This is my blood. Do this in memory of me."

Last Supper

They left the room and went to "camp" for the night


The method by which Jesus was put to death


A common method of death reserved for foreign criminals


Occured on Friday (Good Friday)


2 criminals were crucified next to Jesus


Only Mary, Mary, and John stayed with Jesus


Jesus' body rose from the dead


Celebration on Easter Sunday


Mary and the other women were the first to find Jesus' body gone


Jesus appeared to various friends and followers after his death and resurrection


Jesus returned to God


Ascension Thursday=40 days after Easter Sunday


Heavan=the state of being in the presence of God

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