Translating English to Latin

Practice translating English sentences into Latin sentences. Some sentences have words that come farther in the book, so only people that are working ahead will know them. Ego vobis valedico! (I say goodbye to you) :)
Cum audācia respondēmus et frūmentum servāmus
We answer with boldness and we guard the grain.
Fīlios captīvōrum iūdicāmus, sed fīliī patrēs nōn regunt.
We judge the captives' sons, but the sons do not rule the senators.
Nōnne rēx rēgīnaque sunt ducēs?
The king and queen are leaders, aren't they?
Magistrīne puerīs pullīsque portūs semper trādunt?
Do the teachers always surrender the ports to the boys and girls?
Num in silvā hodiē cum frātribus ambulātis?
You don't walk in the forest with the brothers today, do you?

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