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Family & Consumer Science

FCCLA unit 1
What does FCCLA stand for?
Family Career & Community Leaders of America
when was FCCLA founded?
1945 in Chicago
the ability to direct and influence others
#1 step in the planning process
Identify concerns
#2 step in the planning process
set a goal
#3 step in the planning process
form a plan
#4 step in the planning process
#5 step in the planning process
Follow up
What does STAR stand for
Students Taking Action with Recognition
Name one reason for belonging to FCCLA
Focus on concerns of youth, develop leadership skills, have a better understanding of self
What are the membership requirements of FCCLA?
Have had or are enrolled in a FACS class, pay dues
What is the central focus of FCCLA?
What is the FCCLA Motto?
Toward New Horizons
Colors of FCCLA
red and white
Flower of FCCLA
red rose
What is the FCCLA publication?
Teen Times
parliamentary procedure
a recognized and acceptable method of conducting an official meeting. A team STAR event recognizes chapters that develop a working knowledge of parliamentary law and the ability to conduct an FCCLA business meeting.