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Amazon Basin
The part of South america drained by the Amazon river and its tributaries
an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest
Atacama Desert/Rain Shadow
The andes mountains block the rain clouds from getting to the atacama desert
Benefits of the Rain Forest
It reduces greenhouse gasses and provides medicines
Cause of rich soil in the lowlands
The nomads of the lowlands used a technique in farming that helped preserve the soil and the rainforest provides nutrients
Climate of the Amazon River Basin
warm and wet
Climate of the Andes Mountains
cool and dry
Culture (definition)
a group's way pf life including types of food, shelter, clothing, language, behavior, and ideas.
Effects of Deforestation in the Amazon Rain Forest
Less habitat for animals and less greenhouse gasse's absorbed
El Nino
a reversal or usual wind currents
the middle line of latitude
Goal of Missionaries
To convert the natives
Greatest Threat to the Rain Forest
Logging & Farming
Greenhouse Gases (What do they do?)
They are the cause of global warming
Inca and Terraced Fields
Terraces are step shaped chunks cut out of mountains so there is flat land to farm on
Inca Empire (location)
On the west coast of south america mainly in peru
Latitude and Longitude
the grid of lines that allow you to tell where you are anywhere in the world
Location of the Andes Mountains
the west coast of south america
Machu Picchu
an ancient incan city believed to be the home of the king
a person who moves from place to place
Plantation Crops of Brazil
Prime Meridian
the middle line of longitude
Region (Five Themes)
a group of places with common traits the places within are linked by trade culture and other human activities
Simon Bolivar
the leader of the revolution against spain
a farm technique used by the early inhabitants of the lowlands
Slavery in Brazil
millions of slaves brought by the portuguese and not released till the 1800s
Subsistence Farming
making only enough food to feed themselves
the process in which plants release water vapor into the air.
Treaty of Tordesillas
the treaty that split south america between the spanish and portugal
a river that feeds into a larger river
Tropic of Cancer
23.5 degrees north latitude
Tropic of Capricorn
23.5 degrees south latitude
Why people have lived in the lowlands for thousands of years
it has many resources and ways of getting food