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  1. dishevel
  2. persistent
  3. qualms
  4. shave
  5. deboris
  1. a uneasiness, uncertaily, doubt
  2. b very disorterly, in disarray
  3. c rubbish, trash, llitter
  4. d not willing to give up, not letitng go
  5. e a spirit that teaches them a speical skill

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  1. to howl or wail
  2. food pigs would eat,garbage, table scraps
  3. falling apart, disintergrate
  4. to strut or walk with and air of over bearing confidence
  5. to squirm or twist with pain

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  1. insidiousdeceitful, dreadful,harmful


  2. brutishto squirm or twist with pain


  3. malevolencewishing evil to others


  4. contemptuousscornful,disrespectful


  5. statisticsresembling a slave; dependent