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  1. insidious
  2. seething
  3. placid
  4. slavishly
  5. monotonoys
  1. a repetitous,boring,dull
  2. b angry, boiling, stewing
  3. c resembling a slave; dependent
  4. d deceitful, dreadful,harmful
  5. e free of interuptions, calm,serene

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  1. great respect or honor
  2. the desire to do good to others
  3. friend or fellow soldier
  4. the offical headcourters of an ambassador
  5. wishing evil to others

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  1. consolationto be agitated with anger


  2. dishevelvery disorterly, in disarray


  3. ocherdullness, lack of energy


  4. ruefulfood pigs would eat,garbage, table scraps


  5. parsnipsa plant having a large, witish edible root