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  1. deboris
  2. remnants
  3. virtues
  4. benevolent
  5. disintegrate
  1. a something left over
  2. b good qualities, moral excellance
  3. c falling apart, disintergrate
  4. d rubbish, trash, llitter
  5. e the desire to do good to others

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  1. a source of comfort
  2. to appear in a threatening form
  3. repetitous,boring,dull
  4. friend or fellow soldier
  5. dullness, lack of energy

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  1. insidiousdeceitful, dreadful,harmful


  2. placida spirit that teaches them a speical skill


  3. swilla spirit that teaches them a speical skill


  4. contemptuousscornful,disrespectful


  5. contaminatefriend or fellow soldier


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