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  1. "Ay, but hark you, my friend; 'twas we that made up this garment through the rough seams of the waters: there are certain condolements, certain vails. I hope, sir if you thrive, you'll remember from whence you had it."
  2. "And these our ships, you happily may think...
    Are stored with corn to make your needy bread,
    And give them life whom hunger starved half dead."
  3. "Madam, if this you purpose as ye speak,
    Diana's temple is not distant far,
    Where you may abide till your date expire."
  4. "Young prince of Tyre, you have at large received
    The danger of the task you undertake"
  5. "All perished of man, of pelf
    Nothing escaped but himself:
    Till fortune, tired with doing bad,
    Threw him ashore, to leave him glad."
  1. a Cerimon, Scene 14
  2. b Antiochus the Great
  3. c Pericles, Scene 4
  4. d The Narrator Gower, Scene 5
  5. e Second Fisherman

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  1. Pericles, Scene 9
  2. Pericles, Scene 1
  3. Simonides, Scene 9
  4. Helicanus, Scene 2
  5. Simonides, Scene 6

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  1. "Death may usurp on nature many hours,
    And yet the fire of life kindle again
    The o'erpress'd spirits."
    Simonides, Scene 9


  2. "The mutiny he there hastes t'oppress;
    Says to 'em, if King Pericles
    Come not home in twice six moons,
    He, obedient to their dooms,
    Will take the crown.
    The Narrator Gower, Scene 1


  3. "If you, born in these latter times
    When wit's more ripe, accept our rhymes
    Making to take your imagination
    From bourn to bourn, region to region."
    The Narrator Gower, Scene 10


  4. "Here is a thing too young for such a place,
    She's been born too early and too weak
    Who, if it had conceit, would die, as I
    Am like to do: take in your arms this piece of your dead queen."
    Pericles, Scene 5


  5. "Die, quoth-a? Now gods forbid! I have a gown here; come, put it on; keep warm. Now afore me, a handsome fellow!"First Fisherman