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  1. "Therefore my Lord, go travel for a while,
    Till that his rage and anger be forgot."
  2. "Die, quoth-a? Now gods forbid! I have a gown here; come, put it on; keep warm. Now afore me, a handsome fellow!"
  3. "I have a princess loved myself,
    Who shall not be more dear to my respect
    Than yours, my Lord."
  4. "Who wanteth food, and will not say he wants it?
    Or can conceal his hunger till he famish?"
  5. "Here is a thing too young for such a place,
    She's been born too early and too weak
    Who, if it had conceit, would die, as I
    Am like to do: take in your arms this piece of your dead queen."
  1. a First Fisherman
  2. b Cleon, Scene 4
  3. c Helicanus, Scene 2
  4. d Lychorida, Scene 11
  5. e Dionyza, Scene 13

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  1. Cerimon, Scene 12
  2. The Narrator Gower, Scene 10
  3. Cerimon, Scene 14
  4. Pericles, Scene 5
  5. Antiochus the Great

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  1. A terrible childbed hast thou had my dear;
    No light, no fire: the unfriendly elements
    Forgot thee utterly: nor have I time
    To give thee hallow'd to thy grave but straight
    Must cast thee, scarcely coffin'd, in the ooze."
    Pericles, Scene 11


  2. "And these our ships, you happily may think...
    Are stored with corn to make your needy bread,
    And give them life whom hunger starved half dead."
    Pericles, Scene 4


  3. "Fear not my lord, but think
    Your grace, that fed my country with your corn,
    For which the people's prayers still fall upon you,
    Must in your child be thought on."
    Cleon, Scene 13.


  4. Of all say'd yet, mayst thou prove prosperous!
    Of all say'd yet I wish thee happiness!"
    Antiochus' Daughter


  5. "By Juno, that is queen of marriage,
    All viands that I eat do seem unsavory,
    Wishing him my meat."
    Thaisa, Scene 6