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  1. "I came unto your court for honor's cause,
    And not to be a rebel to her state.
    And he that otherwise accounts of me
    This sword shall prove he's honor's enemy."
  2. "So, this is Tyre and this the court. Here must I kill King Pericles; and if I do it not, I am sure to be hanged at home: 'tis dangerous."
  3. "Who wanteth food, and will not say he wants it?
    Or can conceal his hunger till he famish?"
  4. "And these our ships, you happily may think...
    Are stored with corn to make your needy bread,
    And give them life whom hunger starved half dead."
  5. "Alas the sea hath cast me on the rocks,
    Wash'd me from shore to shore, and left me breath
    Nothing to think on but ensuing death."
  1. a Pericles, Scene 5
  2. b Pericles, Scene 9
  3. c Thaliart, Scene 3
  4. d Cleon, Scene 4
  5. e Pericles, Scene 4

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  1. Lychorida, Scene 11
  2. First Fisherman
  3. Antiochus the Great
  4. Simonides, Scene 9
  5. Simonides, Scene 6

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  1. "Madam, if this you purpose as ye speak,
    Diana's temple is not distant far,
    Where you may abide till your date expire."
    Cerimon, Scene 14


  2. "Death may usurp on nature many hours,
    And yet the fire of life kindle again
    The o'erpress'd spirits."
    Cerimon, Scene 12


  3. See where she comes, apparell'd like the spring,
    Here face the book of praises, where is read
    Nothing but cruious pleasures"
    Pericles, Scene 1


  4. "Young prince of Tyre, you have at large received
    The danger of the task you undertake"
    Pericles, Scene 4


  5. "The mutiny he there hastes t'oppress;
    Says to 'em, if King Pericles
    Come not home in twice six moons,
    He, obedient to their dooms,
    Will take the crown.
    The Narrator Gower, Scene 10