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  1. "I came unto your court for honor's cause,
    And not to be a rebel to her state.
    And he that otherwise accounts of me
    This sword shall prove he's honor's enemy."
  2. Heaven! He hath found the meaning for which we mean to have his head. He must not live to trumpet forth my infamy!"
  3. "Die, quoth-a? Now gods forbid! I have a gown here; come, put it on; keep warm. Now afore me, a handsome fellow!"
  4. "Fear not my lord, but think
    Your grace, that fed my country with your corn,
    For which the people's prayers still fall upon you,
    Must in your child be thought on."
  1. a Cleon, Scene 13.
  2. b Pericles, Scene 9
  3. c First Fisherman
  4. d Antiochus the Great

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  1. Dionyza, Scene 13
  2. The Narrator Gower, Scene 1
  3. Pericles, Scene 4
  4. Cleon, Scene 4
  5. Simonides, Scene 6

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  1. "All perished of man, of pelf
    Nothing escaped but himself:
    Till fortune, tired with doing bad,
    Threw him ashore, to leave him glad."
    Simonides, Scene 9


  2. A terrible childbed hast thou had my dear;
    No light, no fire: the unfriendly elements
    Forgot thee utterly: nor have I time
    To give thee hallow'd to thy grave but straight
    Must cast thee, scarcely coffin'd, in the ooze."
    Cerimon, Scene 12


  3. "Death may usurp on nature many hours,
    And yet the fire of life kindle again
    The o'erpress'd spirits."
    Simonides, Scene 9


  4. Of all say'd yet, mayst thou prove prosperous!
    Of all say'd yet I wish thee happiness!"
    Pericles, Scene 5


  5. "Ay, but hark you, my friend; 'twas we that made up this garment through the rough seams of the waters: there are certain condolements, certain vails. I hope, sir if you thrive, you'll remember from whence you had it."First Fisherman


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