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Week 11 (Ch. 23 & 24)


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what is hemostasis
stopping of bleeding from an injured blood vessel
what is a thrombus
stationary blood clot
what is an embolus
traveling clot
what is fibrinolysis
process of removing clot
what drugs are used to modify the coagualtion process?
what is primarily used to prevent thrombosis in veins
what are some adverse effects of anticoagulants
what are specific blockers administered to reverse the anticoagulant effects?
protamine sulfate - heparin
vitamin K - warfarin
what is a indirect thormbin inhibitor
what is the drug of choice for rapid anticoagulation
what is another indirect thrombin inhibitor
low molecular weight heprain
the patient on intermittent heparin is found to have hematuria and bleeding from old IV sites. the nurse anticipates what being ordered?
1) protamine sulfate
2) vitamin K
3) pentoxifylline (trental)
4) ardeparin (normiflo)
1) protamine sulfate
what are direct thrombin inhibitor
bind to active site on thrombin preventing formation of fibrin clots
what kind of drug is warfarin (coumadin)
vitamin K antagonist
what does warfarin do?
blocks vitamin K
what are the side effects?
abnormal bleeding prolongs PT/INR