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  1. Ivan the great had _______ churches built in the __________.
  2. During the Mongolian rule, Russia was cut off from ________ and _______
  3. Alexis arranged a ___________ of laws that would end up creating a __________ in Russia
  4. region around Moscow
  1. a Muscovy
  2. b 3
  3. c codification
    caste system
  4. d Byzantium
    The West (Europe)

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  1. Rome
  2. Dimitry
  3. Romanovs
  4. autocrat
  5. Boyars

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  1. Ivan the Terrible's goal was to __________________________service gentry


  2. Ivan the Great had a nation that was one people with ____________, united in ______ and in resisting ____________________common language
    mongolian pressure


  3. arrangement of laws or writings into a systematic formBoyars


  4. Ivan was able to take back estates and peasants ___________________estates of land and peasants to work them


  5. Russian peasants called __________ flee from the control and forced taxes by escaping to the _____ of the __________insane