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  1. Ivan was able to take back estates and peasants ___________________
  2. 1378 =
  3. Ivan the great married
  4. ___________ became the center of Russian life, and the bishop moves his "see" here.
  5. Who had all of Russia under his control by the time of his death?
  1. a at his will
  2. b Ivan the Great
  3. c Muscovy
  4. d Prince Dimitry of Moscow refused to pay tribute to the Mongols.
  5. e the last emperor of byzantium's niece

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  1. terrorize the boyars.
  2. autocrat
  3. estates of land and peasants to work them
  4. Muscovy
  5. clear

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  1. Some people rebelled against the caste system and became ______________at his will


  2. Ivan the great declared himself a ____ and an ______the last emperor of byzantium's niece


  3. _________ wanted the Russian Church to be more like the modern _______ Church.Nikon


  4. Prince ______ of _______ refused to pay tribute to __________Dimitry


  5. lawless frontiersman who lived beyond the reach of the law.insane