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  1. After _________ years of _________ terror, Ivan the terrible breaks the power of the ___________
  2. What are the 3 bad effects of Mongolian rule of Russia?
  3. Ivan the Great had a nation that was one people with ____________, united in ______ and in resisting ____________________
  4. Ivan the great married
  5. Russian rulers begin to ______ the _____ ruling style of the Mongol khans.
  1. a 8
  2. b common language
    mongolian pressure
  3. c 1. Russia was cut off from Byzantium and the West (Europe)
    2. Russia was forced to spend all of its money on paying tribute to Mongols
    3. Serfdom began under Mongol rule
  4. d imitate
  5. e the last emperor of byzantium's niece

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  1. 3
  2. Kremlin
  3. provide him with soldiers when needed.
  4. Nikon
  5. terrorize the boyars.

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  1. single ruler who has unlimited powerMuscovy


  2. Prince ______ of _______ refused to pay tribute to __________clear


  3. social code by which a person cannot legally rise above the social class level into which he or she is borncaste system


  4. Who was the 2nd Romanov to rule?the last emperor of byzantium's niece


  5. ___________ became the center of Russian life, and the bishop moves his "see" here.Muscovy