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  1. The Russian church declares itself to be the 3rd___________
  2. Russian rulers begin to ______ the _____ ruling style of the Mongol khans.
  3. Ivan the Great had a nation that was one people with ____________, united in ______ and in resisting ____________________
  4. Who calls for reform of the Russian Church in 1652 AD?
  5. Cossacks ________ the __________ to make _______________
  1. a common language
    mongolian pressure
  2. b imitate
  3. c Rome
  4. d Nikon
  5. e clear

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  1. Boyars
  2. Cossacks
  3. Cossacks
  4. Prince Dimitry of Moscow refused to pay tribute to the Mongols.
  5. Dimitry

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  1. Ivan the terrible's created a new class called ___________________destroy the power of the boyars


  2. _________ wanted the Russian Church to be more like the modern _______ Church.Rome


  3. Who was the 2nd Romanov to rule?the last emperor of byzantium's niece


  4. Ivan the terrible created the ____________ who dedicated themselves to himoprichniks


  5. Oprichniks job was to ______________terrorize the boyars.


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