WWII Terms

A government in which power and authority rest with the people. People usually express power through voting. The government is run by the people.
A union or association of nations set up to further the common interests of its members.
A form of government in which the government is supreme and individuals have few rights. Total control of the government rests in the hands of one a few.
The belief that a nation should stand alone and not get involved in the affairs and conflicts of other nations.
A political philosophy that calls for the glorification of the nation above the individual, a centralized government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and the use of force against opposition.
The practice of seeking extension of a nation's control by acquiring new territory. Often this is done solely for the benefit of the larger nation and at the expense of the smaller territory.
The spread of ideas for purpose of helping or damaging a cause. It influences people to accept a certain of view by appealing to their emotions rather the their rationality.
A policy of giving in to the demands of hostile power in order to avoid conflict and maintain peace.