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The Dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences is
Dr. Elwood L. Robinson
Complicity is
giving the assistance to another for the purpose of penetrating academic dishonesty.
If you have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 2.7 GPA in psychology, your highest level of admission to the porgram would be
Grades of I and WC
do not figure into grade point averages
Six year time limit
for graduate students to complete all work is effective from the date of enrollment in the first NCCU course used for the degree.
A student with a grade of F
may continue as a graduate student provided he/she has approval of the Dean.
A student with Clinical Concentration must complete the final oral defense of thesis before being eligible to take PSYG 5220- Practicum/Internship in Clinical Psychology
Students who have been admitted to candidacy
may request an extension of time.
In psychology, the student may substitute for the foreign language requirement course with work in
Advanced Statistics
The Four elements of malpractice
1. A professional relationship was formed between the psychologist and client.
2. There is demonstrable standard of care, and the practitioner breached that standard. He or she is said to have practiced "below the standard of care."
3. The client suffered harm or injury, which must be demonstrated and established.
4. The practitioner's breach of duty to practice within the standard of care was the proximate cause of the client's injury; that is, the injury was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the breach.
Is it true that an applicant who is notified that he or she has failed the examination (for licensure) a second time, as specified in G.S. 90-270.5 (b), must terminate the practice of psychology, in accord with the duly adopted rules of the board.
True or False
After making application for licensure, applicants must take the first examination to which they are admitted by the Board.

True or False
Members of the Board receive compensation for their services, in addition to their necessary expenses incurred in the performance of duties required by this Article (90-270)

True or False
One must be at least 18 years-old in order to be licensed to practice psychology in North Carolina.

A license and a health services provider certificate issued under this Article are suspended automatically by operation of law after failure to renew a license for a period of more than ____ days after the renewal date.
60 days
Relevant to the issue of disclosure in alimony and divorce actions, if either or both of the parties have sought and obtained martial counseling by a licensed psychological associate, can that LPA rendering such counseling be competent to testify in the action concerning information
For computer delivered adminstrations of the EPPP, the passing point
For licensed psychologists is 500 and for an LPA 440.
The NC Department of Revenue issues a statewide privilege license to practice
The NC PSYC Board does not license in any specialty area
The two basic criteria used to determine whether the Board investigates a complaint are whether the Board has authority with regard to the matter presented in the complaint, and
whether the complaint has merit on its face.
Six Recommended strategies for coping with cross examination
1. Be prepared
2. Be honest
3. Admit weaknesses
4. Talk in personally meaningful terms
5. Listen carefully to the wording of the questions
6. Take time to think
The child abuse and neglect reporting law applies to
In North Carolina, the law indicates that the report of suspected child abuse should be made to the Department of Social Services in the country in which the juvenile
Resides or is found
The child abuse reporting law is a federal statue
In Mason's book, child and juvenile
are used interchangably, refer to anyone under the age of 18 who is not in the armed forces, refer to anyone under the age of 18 who is not married or emancipated
Whenever DSS files a petition alleging that a child is abused or neglected, the court appoint a guardian ad litem.
DSS must investigate all occasions in which a person reports DSS a problem involving a noncaretaker
The occasion of a child having been robbed by an older juvenile must be reported to DSS under the reporting law, given certain circumstances
Normative standards about such things as what constitutes when discipline becomes excessive may vary from community to community.
In North Carolina, a "deliquent act" is conduct by a juvenile who is at least six but not yet sixteen that would be a crime if committed by adult.
The reporting law requires the person who makes the report to give his or her name
The APA ethics code applies only to psychologists' activities that are part of their scientific, educational, or professional roles as psychologists.
Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of an Ethical Standard is not itself a defense to a charge of unethical conduct.
The Ethics code is not intended to be a basis of civil liability.
Which of the following are enforceable?
Making a request for deferment of adjudication of an ethics complaint pending the outcome of litigation is in itself a violation of the Ethics Code.
Multiple relationships that would not reasonably be expected to cause impairment or risk exploitation or harm are not unethical.
When psychologists provide public advice or comment via print, Internet, or other electronic transmission, they take precautions to ensure that statements do not indicate that a professional relationship has been established with the recipient.
Psychologists do not under any circumstances require students or supervisees to disclose personal information in course-or program-related activities, either orally or in writing, regarding sexual history, history of abuse and neglect, psychological treatment, and relationships with parents, peers, and spouses or significant others.
False except if the program or training faculty has clearly identified this requirement in admissions or information is necessary to graduate or obtain assistance with personal problems.
What are the General Principles of the APA Ethics Code?
Beneficience and Nonmalficience
Fidelity and Responsibility
Respecting Other People's Rights and Dignity
Rappaport (1977, cited in Trull, 2005) finds it useful to talk about community psychology in terms of a perspective than to attempt a formal definition. The major aspects of this perspective are
cultural diversity, diversity and ecology
Ecology refers to
the fit between persons and environment
Kelly, Trickett, and Todd, 1972, cited in Trull, 2005 emphasize ecological principles that can provide a framework for community psychology. These principles include a statement indicating that ecosystems are
dynamic not static
A cost-benefit analysis of the High/Scope Perry Preschool Program did indicate significant benefits to society and the taxpayer
The goal of ________ primary prevention in mental health is to
counteract harmful circumstances before they have a chance to produce illness
________ preventive interventions target individuals or subgroups of the population that have a higher than average likelihood of developing the disorder in question (either in the near or distant future).
In Blaming the Victim, Ryan (1971) emphasizes the need not to focus on the clinical aspects of a person's problems moreso than your need to focus on the community social aspects
Recent reports evaluating the effectiveness of a wide range of prevention programs support cautious optimism in regard to the success of such programs.
______refers to the rate of new cases of illness that develop within a given period of time, while ______refers to the overall rate of cases (old or new) within a given period of time
Incidence, Distribution
Evaluators with a behavioral orientation emphasize ________ when doing clinical assessments.
the interaction of behaviors of situations
Dr. Thomas is a behavioral clinical psychologist who is conducting an assessment of a child whose parents and teachers think he may be diagnosable with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Dr. Thomas' focus during these assessments is probably
the things the child does that are viewed by others as oppositional and defiant
Behavioral therapists and assessors see personality as
a set of abilities
Behavioral assessment, as compared to traditional assessment
values assessment tools that produce good samples of behavioral tendencies
A client undergoing a psychological evaluation shouts insults at the evaluator. If the evaluator is behavioral, he/she is most likely to infer that
this type of behavior probably happens in other similar situations
Behavioral assessors behaviors by examining the events that precede and consequences that follow a behavior. In other words, they ______ the behavior.
Functionally analyze
Functional analysis
determination of the reinforcements that follow a behavior, identification of the stimulus conditions that precipitate a behavior.
An adult who is frequently late to work is being assessed by a behavioral assessor. The assessor is performing a functional analysis of the tardiness. This functional analysis is least likely to
an exploration of underlying feelings toward work that may cause the lateness
In comparison to the traditional approach, the behavioral approach to assessment emphasizes that behavior changes from situation to situation
A behavioral assessment is using the SORC model to describe a patient's problem____would be used when listing the antecedent conditions that bring on the problematic behavior.
Assessors who perform behavioral interviews
Are increasingly using structured diagnostic interviews, typically ask about past attempts to cope with the problems
An example of a behavioral observation tool used in schools is Achenbach's
Direct Observation Form of the Child's Behavior Checklist
EMG, EDA, and EEG are most relevant
Psychophysiological assessment
The Dysfunctional Thought Record is an example of a ___________ technique.
self-monitoring technique
An advantage of self monitoring is that is
can help clients translate vague, global complaints into specific behaviors to be changed
Which of the following is not a cognitive-behavioral assessment technique?
Time Sample Behavioral Checklist
Organismic variables, according to contemporary behavioral assessors, may include
cognitions, physiological variables, attitudes and beliefs
study of the incidence, prevalence, and distribution of illness or disease in a given population
Gives us some sense of whether the rates of new cases of the illness or disorder is on the increases
Prevalence Rate
estimates what percentage of the target population is affected by the illness or disorder
Behavioral Assessment
See personality in terms of behavioral tendencies in specific situation
In behavioral assessment, the paramount issue is ...
how well the assessment device samples the behaviors and situations the clinician is interested in
Functional analysis
Exact analyses are made of the stimuli that precede a behavior and the consequences that follow
To change an undesirable behavior the clinician must
A. Identify the stimulus conditions that precipitate it
B. Determine the reinforcements that follow
Stimulus or antecedent conditions that bring on problematic behavior
Organismic variables related to the problematic behavior
response to the problematic behavior
consequences of the problematic behavior
Insanity Plea
A.Places the burden of proof on the accused.
B.Defendent must prove that he or she was insane at the time of the criminal offense.
C. Insanity is a legal term
D. The legal system assumes people make premeditated and rational choices
a legal term describe all complaints in which a professional is accused of negligence in the context of a professional relationship
A wrong that notates the civil code of society