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weimer republic

name for germanys democratic government which was in power between 1919 and 1933

beerhall putsch

failed nazi attempt to overthrow the Bavarian Government in 1923

great purge

the name for stalin's execution of his political rivals and enemies in which thousands died.

mein kampf

hitlers book written in prison

five year plan

the economic program which sought to create an industrial and invincible soviet union

kellogg-briand treaty

agreement signed by 64 nations which "outlawed" war

Nyc commision

this investigated why the us got into ww1 and concluded that economic motives led us into war.

sieg heil

prohibited munition sales to nations at war and warned us citizens not to travel on the ships of those nations


this ancient symbol became the symbol of the Nazi Party


name for the nordic christians who had according to nazi ideology shown themselves to be superior

stimson doctrine

us response to Japan's invasion of Manchuria which said US wouldnt recognize territory gained by force

Reciprocal Trade Agreement

this gave the president the power to reduce or increase tariffs by 50%


name of the us policy in the 1930's which tried to limit involvement in international affairs

versailles treaty

hated by germans this agreement forced Germany to assume war guilt, pay reparations, lose land, and disarm

good neighbor policy

us efforts initiated in the 1930's to improve relations with latin american countries

lateran treaty

1929 agreement between the vatican and the fasci di combattiment which increased the latter's power


picasso painted a mural to commemorate the brutal attack on civilians in this city


name for the nazi secret police

haile selassie

his country was invaded in 1934 and annexed by italy in 1936

francisco franco

the fascist leader of spain after receiving military aid from germany and italy

benito mussolini

nicknamed Il Duce i wanted to restore the glories of the roman empire to my country

adolf hitler

Called Der Fuhrer and gained complete power in my country through the Enabling Act

Hermann Goering

second in command to Hitler and the head of the German Air Force Luftwaffe said "hed bomb britain into submission"

Josef Stalin

Leader of the Soviet Union during ww2

charles lindbergh

headed the america first committee which tried to keep america out of european squabbles

rudolf hesse

helped hitler with his book and was a close friend. Party secretarty untill captured and spent rest of the war in prision.

franklin D. Roosevelt

american president elected in 1932
said "december 7th a date which shall live in infamy"


emperor of Japan believed to be "god like"

Josef Goebbles

Third Reich Propaganda minister who promoted nazi ideology and created cult of personality

hideki tojo

prime minister of japan

albert speer

hitlers architect and designd building which both intimidated and impressed

henirich himmler

headed both the Gestapo and the SS

Kurt von Schuschnigg

chain smoking austrian chancellor who was forced to capitulate to Hitler

neville Chamberlain

british prime minister who after meeting with Hitler assured Britan that he secured "peace in our time"

Henri Petain

head of the vichy government

wendell willkie

republican presidential candidate in the 1940 election; lost to FDR

charles degualle

head of the free-french government which was headquarted in great britain during the war

william shirer

american journalist stationed in germany wrote Berlin Diary, This Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

winston churchill

british statesman said "great britain and france had to choose between dishonor and war. They choose dishonor, they shall have war."

isoroko yamamoto

mastermind of pearl harbor

battle of the atlantic

undeclared naval battle between us and germany in mid to late 1941

burke-wadsworth act

the anschluss was but one example of this strategy followed by the western democracies in the 1930's


aggressive and fast military attack strategy used by germany during ww2

declaration of panama

this created a 300- 1000 mile "safety zone" arounf the americans

munich pact

agreement by which germany gained control of the sudetenland

miracle of dunkirk

name for the evacuation across the english channel of french troops in danger of capture by germans

destroyer deal

agreement by which the us gave GB 50 ships in exchange for military bases

battle of britain

in reference to this military attack churchill said "never in the field of human conflict have so many owed so much to so few"

neutrality act

this was amended so that arms would be sold on a cash and carry basis to nations who were victims of aggression

tripartite pact

mutual defense treaty between germany japan and italy

burke-wadsworth act

created americas first peacetime draft in history

albert einstein

wrote letter to FDR about germanys atomic weapon program resulted in the creation of the OSRD

henry J. Kaiser

company made battleships using the assembly line method

a. philip randolph

head of the brotherhood sleeping car porters; threatened to strike and march on washington

Harry Truman

became president when FDR died; made descion to use atomic bomb

chuichi nagumo

headed the naval task force that attacked pearl harbor

oveta culp hobby

newspaper executive prior to ww2; asked to head and direct the WACS

walter short

army commander of Pearl Harbor, i ordered the planes to be parked wing to wing for easier defense

george marshall

us army chief of staff and supported the creation of the WACS

fred korematsu

refused to comply with internment and took my case to the supreme court

heinrich kesselring

a german general my mission was to block northern italy so the allies didnt cross the alps

karl doenitz

german admiral who commanded the submarine fleets

dwight d. eisenhower

supreme allied commander in the european theater and chief planner of the normandy invasion

victor emmanuel

ordered mussolini's arrest "you are the most hated man in europe"

george patton

great us commander

bernard montgomery

a victor of el alemein commanded all allied forces in the normandy invasion

thomas dewey

nicknamed for the desert fox; designed defense "fortress europa"

omar bradley

served under patton in italy; commanded first us army in d-day

juan pujol garcia

a double agent; code name Garbo

douglas macarthur

supreme allied commander in the pacific "i shall return"

james doolittle

us colonel who led a daring 1942 aerial raid on tokyo

leslie groves

american general who was the organizer of the project to build atomic bomb

j. robert oppenheimer

scientist who directed the los alamos atomic bomb research program

leo szilard

physicist who led opposition to the use of the atomic bomb by gathering 70 signature petition

chester nimitz

admiral of the us pacific naval forces; commander at midway

robert jackson

presided over the tribunal which tried former Nazi officials and military leaders

paul tibbets

flew enola gay over hiroshima

battle of midway

battle which has been called the "turning point"

potsdam conference

last wartime conference which created blueprint for germanys occupation

battle of the coral sea

first battle which was only aircraft fighting

leapfroggin/ island hopping

tatic which secured islands

u.s.s. missouri

sit of the signing of surrender sept 2, 1945

battle of leyte gulf

first pacific theater battle where kamazazis were used

manhattan project

atomic bomb operation code name

yalta conference

post war issues like the fate of eastern europe and the creation of the un were this conferences topic

battle of guadalcanal

first us land offensive in the pacific theater which took place in solomon islands

battle of iwo jima

battle for a strategic 8 square mile island with underground tunnels


site of nazi leaders trial for war crimes

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